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Subscription Free Datalink Weather Comes to iPad

ForeFlight, Appareo, and Sporty's announced Stratus at Sun 'n Fun last Tuesday: a portable, battery powered, wire-free ADS-B weather receiver that streams weather and flight information to iPad. ( 기타...

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Well, it's cheaper.. 799 vs 1200, it's fully integrated & battery powered.

You should've seen how quiet the XM-WX activation booth was!

2 Years ago, there were troves of people purchasing the Garmin Aera products, last year Baron WX link was the big deal.

This time it's a device that will cost less than the annual subscription used to be.
We bought Baron WX link, Doesn't work as advertised. Sofware isn't written for it to diplay GPS position on an iPad yet. Fore flight is working on that as well but PC only for now. Weather will not display on a aircraft with a thick heated windscreen such as a Challenger using the provided antenna so a remote antenna is a must. Our local avionics shop is helping us get it figured out as to which antenna we need.
I have not been able to find any antenna to work with barron system on a pressurized aircraft... Purchase at your own risk. we are very disapointed.
N5827P 1
Except for subscription, not really cheaper. Coverage areas very lacking. Good idea, but way overpriced and you could easily fly out of coverage when you need it most. Apple sells multi, multi, multi tasking iPad for $500. Foreflight provides huge functionality for $79. Sportys want $800 for single use receiver that doesn't work in 35 percent of the country. Good idea, but I can wait.
If I remember correctly, it was ForeFlight that put RunwayFinder and others out of business because by playing patent troll. If so, then I don't know if I'd like being a customer of a business using such practices..
You're thinking of FlightPrep, an unrelated company. For all we know, they harassed ForeFlight as well.
No if they would only do the Android.
Flying between Colorado and BHM does anyone know if the Stratus has weather coverage or is there a gap in service?
Cheaper -- that is not 100% correct. Sky Radar is offering the equivelent unit for $799. It runs off 12-35 Volt DC. The $1,200 unit is the dual frequency unit. I applaud Sporty's for releasing the unit. I am just surprised at the hoopla around it when the same thing, perhaps even a bit better, has been out there for a while. In addition the SkyRadar unit, in conjunction with WingXPro, will display traffic on the next software release. If you use the SkyRadar software it already displays traffic.

Nothing bad or wrong with Sporty's unit. It is just that people are acting like this is something new that nobody else has done and that is not the case.

If anybody wants to purchase my single receiver SkyRadar unit let me know. I am going to trade up to the dual frequency unit.
I don't understand the all fuss. I've been using SkyRadar ( for over a year to receive ADS-B uplink weather. I can either use it with the SkyRadar program or display it on WingXPro.
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All of this and and it doesn't receive traffic?
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