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Discovery NASA Video over DCA / IAD with Tower Audio

Great video. Thanks NASA! At 10:01 mark, 747 Pilot notify's IAD Tower of Wingman's fuel situation. Identified as "Pluto 98" T-38 given landing instruction for Rwy 1C at 12:04 .. Enjoy. I love this piece. ( 기타...

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Fantastic! Wonderful vid.

Side note to JJ, the STS program was already scheduled for retirement before this Administration made it official. Look into the Columbia Accident Investigation Board report from 2003. Some deemed it too dangerous to fly. With the cancellation of the Constellation program with its cost overruns and schedule delays, we are left with no choice but to use the Russians to take us to the ISS. We had a similar gap in US manned spaceflight from '75 to '82 when we transitioned from the Saturn 1B to the Shuttle program. Talk to your Republican cohorts about short-changing NASA's budget. Your vitriol and rabid loathing in quite evident, Mr. Johnson.

bogdawg 1
Isn't it great the way so many people want to blame everything they don't like on Obama? And why the constant bashing of his middle name? Grow up, people.

NASA has ALWAYS been underfunded by BOTH sides of the political aisle. It amazes me what that organization has been able to pull off with so little.
And those that pray before the Obama GOD are blinded by political ideology as he systematically dismantles America piece by piece. You grow up and WAKE UP. Before it's too late and America becomes a Banana Republic under Barry's leadership.

NASA is an amazing organization. Our current President is an IDIOT. Big difference.
I was standing on the ramp next to C2 when he overflew and when he landed. One heck of a sight to see. Going to upload all the shots I took later tonight.
Great to see history grace the skies one more time!
Thanks Andrew .. Looking forward to seeing those !!
I can see perhaps why the shuttle was later deemed too dangerous to fly, but these vehicles should be in standby mode to be flown, if there was ever a need to fly them. They should not be now totally inaccessible sitting as museum pieces.
Saw this yesterday. Great video.
Really cool. Watched it live.
Sounds like they left Pluto 98's ass hannging out just a little too far.
JJ Johnson -2
As Hussein Obama destroys NASA while we depend on the Russians to get to our own Space Station it's good to know we are funding the TSA while they fondle little old women and kids and we are kicking in doors over the War on Drugs. America is going backwards into a Totalitarian State. This flyby is a Icon of the demise of America.


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