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Investigation Finds A Jetstar Flight Nearly Crashed Because The Pilot Was Text Messaging On His Phone

Jetstar Flight JQ57 nearly crashed on landing at Singapore's Changi Airport because the pilot was text messaging and forgot to set the landing gear on the Airbus A320 during the... ( 기타...

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Oddly enough, this squawk is right next to an ad for FlightAware apps...(insert big smiley face here).
The irony is that the Jetstar flight had departed from Darwin. The Captain almost got the Darwin Award for his actions.
Skye777 1
Ha ha! That's hilarious! :)
Thats why you never fly Jetstar, Crap Seats, Crap Service, Ozzie Flight attendats that don't know what a saftey drill is and Make sure if your sitting in the isle that you know what the conditions are and then you have the untrained, Underpaid, Distracted Piolits.
oowmmr 1
Gadzooks, at least the PF listened to the warnings and was able to make command decisions.
whats the PF?
PF == Pilot Flying
PNF == Pilot Not Flying
With this particular leg, the FO was the PF and Capt. was PNF.
JD345 1
They both were PNF by the sound of it.
btweston 1
Perhaps you didn't read. The First Officer, who was flying the plane, attempted to notify the Captain of a problem. The Captain did not respond, then the First Officer executed a go-around.

Sweet joke, though. Do you write your own material?
PF = Pilot flying, aka the pilot who is actually at the controls at that point in time as apposed to managing radios/checklists/etc
This list is missing one section i.e. radios/checklists/mobiles!
they say texting while driving is dangerous but this is worse.

pilot get the sack or pay dock.
Nothing New. Ive Eyewitnessed Jetstar landing in severe Level 5 Thunderstorms at Changi Airport Singapore numerous times risking passengers lives with total,disregard for safety going by the rules. Signed Carl Smeraldi B747/777/757/L1011 Pilot JFK,NY
Nader Anis -1
indy2001 1
Wrong story
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

A320 does go around because gear not down due to Captain texting on cell

This happened with a Jetstar A321 on approach to Singapore in May 2010. First time I had heard of this.
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Cellphone can cause airliners to crash...

... if you're the pilot.
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Flight Aborted 392 Feet Before Landing Because Pilot Was Texting

It's pretty widely accepted that you shouldn't text and operate a vehicle. Especially when that vehicle is a commercial aircraft. Apparently one pilot, though, hasn't taken that advice to heart. And he almost killed a few hundred people because of it.


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