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Interesting take on the possible marriage of AAL/AWE

A highly opinionated viewpoint from CLT which, according to the author, stands to be crippled along with PHX by a merger. ( 기타...

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preacher1 1
I don't think the judge will allow it, prior to AA coming out of BR and that ruling is due anyday. If AA is allowed to come out as planned, they will come out with guns blazing, and Doug Parker will have a target on his back. It will be interesting.
Has anybody heard anything on AA status lately? Last I heard I thought the BR judge was supposed to rule last Thursday on the contract cuts and all that but I haven't heard a peep.
BR judge ruled delay in decision until pilots put lat labor offer Aug 8. So no decision till then
tks, man. I guess that will either get Parker off his back or give him more time to aggravate, one or the Did you see JOHN ODDO's comment down below here from a couple of days ago. I don't know who he is but he is either like me and going off of gut or is speaking from some knowledge.
I think everyone's take on this is more or less wishful thinking, rather than some direct knowledge/involvement. You have a lot of folks, yourself included, that are steadfast against any merger. Then you have the me types, who wouldnt mind seeing the merger. I think an A330 in AA scheme would look quite nice. I would never dream of any AA planes wearing AWE colors. Clearly AA has the most beneficial operating certifcate and the new airline would most certainly have to run under that operating authority. AA corporate would remain in FTW and, as the article implies, Charlotte and Phoenix would both be left holding the empty bag, or in this case, office space. Bummer for those hubs, but I live in DFW and my friends and family would remain gainfully employed.

Sounds like shit, but hey, I live 2 miles from the GM plant. Every time that plant grows, another up north is locked down and chained up, pink slips are passed out...etc. You dont see anyone around here saying, "those poor guys up in Detroit or Flint or wherever." Folks here are just happy the company continues to look favorably upon the Arlington plant.

As for the wishful thinking? Momma always told me you can wish in one hand and shit in the other... See which one fills up first.
Wow... That made no sense. Friggin phone cant type for squat!

BR Judge issued delay in decision until the pilots put the latest offer to vote, which is scheduled for August 8. Until that vote this drama is dead. American cant do anything. US Airways may launch some sort of mail campaign leading up to the vote, but until the vote, there wont be much of any news to speak of.

You probably had too much of that Crown that sombody put in your box the other
ltcjra -1
Here is what one blogger said about the author of the original article:

Funny how an MIT faculty search shows no William Swelbar in the aeronautics and astronautics department. This guy is just a shill for whoever pays the most for an opinion piece.
John Oddo 0
Forget about any AA/US Air talk. AA will come out of this alone, they are going to ask to have the time moved back to Dec.27th. With the pilots getting set to vote, look for A/C Maint and the FA to do so along with them, and the deals will be in place by Aug. 15th!! Then keep your eye on AA getting Jet Blue, NOT US Air!!!
preacher1 1
Sounds like a plan to me. I was thinking that the BR judge was supposed to have ruled Thursday on the AA requests, which at that time did not include extending the time, but I haven't heard anything. Any news on this deal would be out on the wire pretty quick so something is going on. Like I said, Parker will have a target on his back, right or wrong.


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