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ANA 787s affected by defect in Trent 1000 gearbox

All Nippon Airways (ANA) grounded five of its 11 Boeing 787 aircraft on 21 July, after being notified by Boeing that there may be a defect in the gearbox of the Rolls Royce Trent 1000 engine. "We received a message from Boeing to the effect that there may be an issue with the gearbox on the engines of the 787s in ANA's fleet. No related problems have arisen on our 787s, however we have ascertained that the part at issue is fitted to five of our aircraft," says an ANA spokesman. ( 기타...

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Another Rolls Royce engine problem... First with the A380's Trent 800s and now the 1000s. I Personally like the 787 with the GE engines more. Just my opinion.
Does kind of make you wonder
GE makes the best aircraft engines hands down.
Let's don't rush to judgement here though; RR has been in business many years. What there have been problems with though have been the new stuff here lately on high prifile aircraft. Bad Luck or Bad QC?????? Or Rush to production?????????????
I would say rushed to production...
.. Perhaps another delay in seeing ANA and the 787 starting service at KSJC
Hey Well as least Boeing noticed the issue before it because a major issue unlike Airbus who didn't pay attention. Once again it proves Boeing is very upfront and looks over there planes well.
“Boeing is aware of the findings made by Rolls-Royce during engine testing that revealed corrosion in some crown gears within the gear box that had resulted from changes to a manufacturing process,” says a Boeing spokeswoman when contacted.

RR discovered the issue and notified Boeing. Boeing then notified ANA. Don't make this a Boeing vs Airbus matter when it is not.
Okay Well lets make this a Boeing Vs. Airbus thing because if Airbus had a brain and knew what they were doing they would have noticed the A380 Trent 800s engine issue and wing crack issues. And remember what Qatars CEO said at the Airshow earlier this year. "Airbus is still learning how to build airplanes" I am not saying Airbus dont know what they are doing but they try to hide there problems so they can sell there products. At least Boeing is upfront and tells there customers about the issues with there planes and knows how to fix them.
Where you been anyway? Haven't seen you on for awhile. I am officially retired now. We sold out the truckline a couple of months back and a week ago Thuesday they told me I had been hanging round long enough and go to the house, so I just been dring lot's of sweet tea and trying to stay Started to fake one fill in trip a few weeks back for my old employer and their meeting got cancelled as we were taxiing out. I haven't been in the air in about 3 months and getting kinda
I meant TAKE one fill in trip.LOL
Well, you didn't take it, so fake is right
Yeah, and I still feel it. I have not had anything that disappointing in a long time. That just totally sucked and there is nothing else you can say about it. If something doesn't happen before long, I'm going to have to call up there and just volunteer for a trip to stay current and get rid of this itchiness. Wife says I'm going to have to do something, as she is having a hard time keeping the Tea & Lemonaded made.LOL


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