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Air Traffic Control - In the days of the 707

I came across this FAA Information Film and thought some of you might find it interesting. ( 기타...

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Great to see the "Legacy" carriers in this piece .. but, why does it make me feel like, I should also see Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel !?!? lol
agg1930 7
kind of interesting that the presentation of "the days of the 707" takes place in a DC-8!
of course they both are the same vintage....
How I miss those good "old days" when travelling was fun not a pain like it is now!
Viperdoc 5
Wow. What a great throwback movie. Just watch the mass boarding that goes on a few minutes into the film. Virtually no carry ons, and no security either. Kinda miss the golden age of airline flying.
...and the way all those passengers were dressed!
sstuff 4
They were not dressed for the sake of the film, either. We *did* dress for travel then!
SootBox 4
Amazing to see O'Hare so calm... orderly... and CLEAN. Damn near brand new.
The United Jet shown is a DC8, not a 707.
Great memory maker and a real pleasure to return to the days of CIVILITY!! Today?? Yuck!!
Great for remanising but even the great FAA missed several errors in their film. The first was "Traffic at 10 o"clock" aircraft was given vectors to 220 and shown to make a left turn. Opps...straight toward the traffic and pilot statesturn is to avoid traffic. The second is aircraft is at fl360 traveling westbound and asked for lower at fl310 due to turbulance. Other than that it brought back great memorries.
Jean Luis ,,, The United was at FL350 westbound and asked for descent to FL310 as the nearest Westbound level. In 1963 nobody was at FL360 it was 40 years before RVSM !!
Great presentation. I lived just South of OHare & remember the noise of the 707's, could not hear the TV & had to wait for the plane to go over if you were on the phone. That was a time when flying was fun; now it is like riding the Greyhound.
As another commented, people dressed for a flight "back in the day".
Pileits 1
Quite a fun video how it was done in the "old" days. Thank goodness we still have these to look back on.
Basic MarkX radar was a dashed line under the target for the IDENT feature. Not alt ok for PARs but "on course or left or right and on or above or below glide slope". Really miss the work all over the world with military and from east coast to west with civilian. Best job I ever had.
Chuckl 1
Imagine still being able o fly from Chicago-Meigs Field to KORD and landing on the ramp to walk to a gate, with no security Nice Eastern Air Lines ELECTRA in the old livery in the background.
skylab72 1
Nope, Jim, that is a DC-8 alright. Note the "cheek" air-scoops. The 880 had no air intake forward. I think that was a stretch 8 as well, a DC-8-63, I think. Good ol' days, gov't propaganda, rather stilted by todays production standards.
think your right United in those days only flew the 880 and DC8 was there a stretch then ? Boy they sure look different after they hung the new fans on them!
sstuff 1
Yea, seeing the film yesterday and relying on my memory, the 'craft also had the Douglas windows *over* the left and right seats.
The '99%' could easily afford the around $13 to fly SF-LA on Poor Student Airlines (Pacific Southwest Airlines).
That was fun to watch. Lots of things have changed but it is interesting how many things have not...
I liked the collection of paper tickets onboard. In those times everyone paid the same price for a ticket. Now you can display a QR or barcode on your phone and get onboard. You might have purchased at the last minute and paid $ 1,800, and the folks next to you that knew a month ago when they would travel paid $ 200.

The amazing part is that airfare is not that different today as in 1963. The higher prices in the 60's did keep the rif-raff off the planes.
You could fly SF-LA on Poor Student Airlines (Pacific Southwest Airlines)for, what, $13? Definitely affordable by the 99%!
great old clip and I think that was a Convair 880 ?
Douglas DC8 by all means!

Thanks for this film, great remembrance about a civilised period when jeans were left to cowboys and baseball caps were kept for the stadium... Neat appearance, hairdo, white shirts and mandatory ties on the job... What a nostalgia!
I only titled it as the days of the 707 as it was the dominant aircraft in the film, so sorry for any confusion.


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