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ExpressJet Loses All But 2 Stations After United Changes Ground Handling

ExpressJet has lost all but two of the stations it handled for United Airlines after United Put Out RFP's earlier this year, the only two remaining are Asheville, NC and Harlingen, Texas... ( 기타...

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Already an announcement yesterday and posted here on FA about the SKYWEST & AA DEAL, at least on the LAX deal. I don't remember anything in there about DFW yet, but whether it's them or somebody else, it begins a slow death of Eagle.
The slow death of AA, and I suppose Eagle by default, was the departure of the much despised but often lauded R.Crandall. The disaster of CEO, management in his wake will be another footnote in airline history of how not to run an airline! Can you say F.Lorenzo.
I personally think that Tom Horton is going to try his best to bring AA out as an independent company. That said, it will not be the pre BR AA and it won't be pretty. Crandall, Arpy and all of them held off on BR and keeping home owned work, regionals and all. It has fell to Horton to be the hatchet man. The BR will allow him to do what was tried in years past but thwarted primarily by labor. like I said, it will get pretty ugly before it's over
I'd like to you run an airline with 87K employees (union and non union), 3400 flights worldwide, an over reaching FAA, and oil at or above $100 a barrel. Lets see how you do!
Not to completely sully the thread, but in my world the FAA shows up for disasters and the occasional ramp or base inspection. Ones best defense is a thorough knowledge of the regs. If there is an FAA car sittin on the base ramp, go to the FBO.
Difficult as it is for rank & file, and those of us on the outside looking in, lot's of folks can't seem to look past that big salary, having no idea what it may take to get it. With all of what you have just mentioned, tthere is no way to please everyone. Most COO's have shareholders to report to and one part of their job is being the bad guy in a lot of peoples eyes.
I understand that. They act like they can do a better job than any airline CEO. Of course, they're the “responsible” one, and only take a "fair salary" running an airline.
My purpose for participating on this forum is to communicate with like minded people with varied, but often aviation backgrounds. I have been in the business flying some form of airborne conveyance for 32 years. I did not come to the forum in search of an airline CEO career. I live in Dallas and oddly enough, swap adult beverages with several AA drivers, one of whom is a fairly senior 777 Captain. So much for my credentials, I don't care about yours. It seems that regardless of the forum these days there are those who contribute a knowledgeable and cogent response and those who can't, and thus continue the noise by shooting the messenger. Pick a category. Preacher is, as usual, correct. AA was the last legacy carrier to seek bankruptcy, and as such, their operating costs were higher than their competitors. While I salute their efforts to avoid bankruptcy, the fact remains that this came at a high cost to the rank and file while management continued to reward themselves with substantial bonuses and perks. As far as fair salaries go, they take what they can get. The rancor between AA management and labor is industry knowledge, and thus my comment. I guess the they in your comment is me so you may refer to me as Monte. Thanks for the back Preacher, but I'll carry my own light sabre.
Anytime, and I'll holler the next time I'm headed that way and maybe we all can swap some of those adult beverages. BTW, that may come sooner rather than later. My old company just bought a CRJ200. It's at Weber, up above you in Denton, for interior mod. Should have it in 60 days. They are giving me a couple trips a week while training their King Air man for a year or 2.
BTW, since all this came up, it may leave a friend of mine short. Are you doing anything right now; are you typed on an ATR of any kind, and would you want to come up to KTUL to do some instruction and checkride work. Didn't know with your AA connections if you could catch a ride back and forth. Mull it over and let me know. I'm off here awhile. Got company
I hope she's cute and most of what I know about an ATR is the result of Roselawn. Thanks for the offer and I will figure out this PM thing so as not to make public an email address. Cheers.
They have it back there under discussions and it's pretty user friendly but they have a problem with it. Seems if you are using your regular name here, it won't let it send to you but apprently you can send to a User name like mine. Try it when you get a chance and send me one, heck, just send a test. I don't know if it will come out on your regular Email like a comment alert or if you just have to go in there and check it.
Sent you a test.
It did not come thru nor did an outbound test that I sent last week to another guy. I will contact FA again.
I never did get yours but I just sent you one. It does not alert. Reply if you get it.
funny because all the other airlines in the US are posting profits.
Well, they have all been thru bankruptcy too. AA held out until last November. After they emerge, I'm pretty sure they will too.
This is what Bill Britt tried to tell the airlines back when this madness started...Britt Airways is the original name for ExpressJet...
That's what happened to us over at ZW, I think we have three UA stations, and we just got 3 US stations. DGS/Regional Elite got a bunch.
Glad to see that "looses" was a typo and not a spelling error! - Language extremist
Is anyone suprised?
Don't forget they also ordered 100 Mitsubishi MRJ90
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ExpressJet Looses All But 2 Stations After United Changes Ground Handling

The word is "loses" not "looses." (Don't you wish that spell checkers would also perform word checkers?)


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