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Shuttle Endeavour: Disneyland, Getty on tap for L.A. flyover

Officials have revealed some details of space shuttle Endeavour's aerial tour of California, a final flight that is to include low-level passes over the state Capitol, San Francisco and several Los Angeles landmarks. Riding piggyback on a modified 747 aircraft, the retired shuttle will depart Edwards Air Force Base about 7:15 a.m. Friday and will fly low over Palmdale, Lancaster, Rosamond and Mojave before heading north to Sacramento, NASA officials said. There, Endeavour will fly over the… ( 기타...

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Landed in Houston today. Will make flyovers Friday over S.F., Sacramento, etc., before landing in L.A. to find out which L.A. Landmarks it will fly over on Friday & when. (L.A. drivers warned not to stop or pull over or get distracted & take eyes off road while shuttle makes its low flyover. Good luck with that one.)
iflyfsx 1
Don't shoot at it, either.
Fly Shuttle, Fly!!!
Troy - There are no flights filed today between KTTS and KEFD. Therefore, the flight was again delayed by weather or has been exempted from flight tracking.
Latest word is for departure from Florida to Houston to occur tomorrow morning.
I was playing golf in Wilcox, AZ a while back and I heard what I thought was just a loud jet airliner passing by and none of us bothered to turn around to look at it. Found out later it was the Shuttle-747 combo making it's way back to Florida from Edwards AFB. Still kicking myself about that.
Watched the flyover at Patrick AFB, Florida this AM, a sight to remember.
Unable to locate on Flight Aware tracking this morning. San Francisco and Sacramento fly over's also scheduled .. Friday morning at KNUQ
I watch the first shuttle landing at Edwards AFB in 1983 or may be 1984, a sight that I will never forget. This was more memorable than the first. At last one came home....
Better than nothing.
suz 1
Could have been part of a large air show that begins on Saturday in the Daytona area. What's the rush to get this thing to the west coast? A great flyaway could have been ... drawing record crowds ... just sayin'.
She's a great ship.
Like the others.
What is the tail number so we can track it?
Has anyone been able to track the SCA this morning?
It's tail number is N905NA, the route is there but I couldn't track its progress today..
News said it landed in Houston today & will be staying overnight. Don't know about tomorrow. Friday in CA.
Stays overnight in Houston tonight. Flies to Edwards Air Force Base tomorrow & stays there tomorrow night. Does its CA flyovers around the state Friday before landing at LAX.
In case anyone is interested, I believe the flight is NASA905 (acft type B742).
Presently enroute KBIF "Delayed".
Paulo w. 1
Belissimas imagens, deste astro do espaço. Descanso merecido Endeavour.
Drove 90 miles from Chico to Sacramento to see the fly-over this morning at about 0945. Was an awesome sight to behold. Once in a lifetime. So glad we made the trip.
And apparently, even though it says it's a live feed, it's collected video clips. :(
Came over Mill Valley, California (north of the Golden Gate Bridge) at 10:15am Friday morning - just an awesome sight.
its on youtube already, if you want to see it from an f18 pilots pov.
I'm the only one here that doesn't care about the duplicate squawk..What is the flight number on here?
I care, and seven others is a bit much! LOL
We don't know if it will be trackable tomorrow, but if it is then it will likely be visible as
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Weather pushes space shuttle Endeavour's L.A. arrival to Friday

Space shuttle Endeavour will arrive in Los Angeles a day later than originally intended after the threat of thunderstorms again delayed the start of the retired orbiter's cross-country trip from Florida.

The shuttle is now expected to reach Los Angeles International Airport on Friday, NASA announced.

Endeavour was supposed to leave NASA's Kennedy Space Center for Houston early Monday, the first leg of its days-long trek across the southern United States that includes 1,500-foot flyovers of several NASA facilities.
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Space Shuttle to make stop in Houston

The shuttle will make a stop in Houston Sept 17-19 on its way to its final display on top of its 747 transport
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NASA's retired shuttle Endeavour heads west Monday

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — The baby of NASA's space shuttle fleet is about to leave home — for good.

At sunrise Monday, Endeavour will depart Kennedy Space Center for a museum in California, with a two-day stopover in Houston, home to Mission Control and the astronauts who flew aboard the replacement for the lost shuttle Challenger.
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Space Shuttle Endeavour to perform flyovers on its way to Los Angeles

Houston, Galveston, El Paso, Las Cruces, San Francisco, and Sacramento among some of the cities Endeavour will fly over, en route to being put on display in Los Angeles.
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Space Shuttle Endeavour's Itinerary

The route that the shuttle will take in its flight to Southern California. Time to start planning to see it.,0,786399.story
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Space shuttle to fly Las Cruces skies in farewell trip

LAS CRUCES — It's one last chance to say good-bye.

Later this month, the Space Shuttle Endeavour will sail over White Sands Missile Range, NASA facilities on the East Mesa and the city of Las Cruces on its farewell voyage across America.

NASA officials announced this week the shuttle will make a special pass over the Las Cruces area — thanks to its decades-long involvement with the U.S. space shuttle program and a "fortuitous" location along the shuttle's flight path to California. Endeavour be retired there.
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Live stream of shuttle

No live flight tracking, but at least it's something.


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