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Shuttle Endeavor - A view from the F-18's

My friend Lori works as a photographer and videographer for NASA. She shot this video from the cockpit of on the F-18 escorts. Enjoy! ( 기타...

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I'll volunteer for the next photography job in ANY F-18 to get those kind of images .. Absolutely the BEST shuttle video ... Better than watching it on TV ... They forgot one thing .. Northern California images would had been nice too
HBFlyer 3
These F18s are based at Edwards AFB in SoCal. My guess is they weren't budgeted for a trip to NorCal, although I agree that would have been cool to see the NorCal scenes too.
HBFlyer 3
And yeah, she has a dream job!
Wow! Thanks for sharing.
best 15 minute video i have ever seen and i wish i could have been the F-18 pilot
Super Cool!
HBFlyer 2
Best line in the video: "Astro 95 Heavy Cleared to 1500'!"
Well Done!
They did flyover NorCal. There are still pictures on the LA Times website. Would have liked to seen the flyover US Air Force Plant 42 in Palmdale where it was built as well. This is a great video. Thanks for posting it.
Great job to all of the people that work together to get this kind of video for our history.
So amazing thank you! I am going to miss the space program. Think of the time it started technologically and look where are today. Imagine what it could be going forward.
Loved the call sign and loved the video. Like the photographer said, it would have been great if those images could have been broadcast live.
The most amazine pictures of the final flight of the endeavor, as a pilot , I felt as if I was part of the landing, great photography, thank you.
Spectacular footage. Quality is aces
Thank you for posting this. I sat through the whole thing with my mouth hanging open. Fabulous! Spectacular!! Out of this world!!! (sorry, couldn't resist)
I was in DC two days before they landed one of them at Dulles. I didn't have a choice to stay but I REALLY wish I could have seen this in person.
It would have been an excellent visual show if the Thunderbirds did the escorting the Shuttle, since they were in Salinas for that air show.
Thunderbirds escorting on one side and Blue Angels on the other. THAT would have been a sight.
That Rocks.
I agree the in flight coverage from the F-18 was excellent, but no video from Norcal !!!
Wow. Amazing
Great pictures and cockpit voice Thank You
"Awesome"! Thanx for sharing!
Very cool. I shed a tear or two every time I see the wonderful coverage of our LAST flight of OV-105 Endeavour. This was also the next to last flight of 747 N905NA (NASA905)
I guess I had bad information. NASA905 came to Houston KEFD for the Wings Over Houston air show.
As I watch this video of the final Space Shuttle tour to it's final home in CA we should all be reminded of the outstanding value of the program and the talented people that made history for all of us to remember. The video was spectacular and truly appreciated by many diehard employees of the Aerospace and Defense Industry!
After having just visting the USA, this footage was the best, cheers guys
JrparcerisaII Barcelona Spain.

Avion transporte ala alta, por funcionalidad.

Avion de combate F14, evolucion ala geometria variable. Propaganda tecnica, evasion, rastreo escasa velocidad,.
nice! but why does the shuttle have a white cone on the engines?
To improve the aerodynamics for the 747 to fly properly, same goes for the extra vertical tails on the 747.
It cuts down on drag from the rear and also keeps the airflow around the tail of the 747 smooth


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