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FlightAware updates free Android app

We've released v3.2.7 of our free Android Flight Tracker app! Dozens of bug fixes, stability improvements, and performance enhancements. Thanks for your continued support and feedback. ( 기타...

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Have been running the Android app for sometime, always has been a good product.
Marvelous tool.
NICE! Thanks for listening to users and acting on suggestions...
Still not great. The mobile site is worthless, and the app only offers slightly more info than it. Wish it gave as much info and was laid out similar to desktop site...
I bet the APP will really prove very handy for the hi-tech savy persons . No more waiting to get info from ' inquiry ' personnel and ending with ' no response ' ! The stated APP may help to pin pointedly know the location of the aircraft and enable U to calculate the ETA !
Too bad it doesn't work with the Kindle... Oh well !!!
Should have gotten an Android... Android has free Kindle Software.
If I wanted a Android, I would of gotten one, but, for my
business, the Kindle works fine


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