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Pilot arrested after landing in Iowa

IOWA CITY, Iowa —Agents say they arrested a pilot who was transporting high-grade marijuana from California to the east coast after his plane stopped in rural Iowa for maintenance. A complaint says Angelo Efthimiatos piloted a plane that landed Tuesday at the airport in Washington, Iowa to refuel and fix a mechanical problem. ( 기타...

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Is that high-grade label given by the USDA?
Wait, is that how you build ATP hours?
Well now the prices for my weekend fix are gonna go up.........dang
55 lbs is like a snowflake hitting the east coast. 55 tons might have a small impact. Lol
smart way to pay off them erau loans.
Not if your stupid and get caught. That erau resume don't mean nothing now.
This i would think happens a lot more then people think. Ground units look over semi trucks more then the FAA looks at aircrafts
pfp217 -1
and that disappoints me. I know aviation is much bigger than it seems, especially us at smaller airports where everyone knows everyone else. (For that matter I worked in the airline industry and it's amazing how small world it is too)
But, I've always worn rose colored glasses and thought of us flying types as the good guys and unfortunately it's not 100% true.
Don't feel too down. Some marijuana is grown organically, thereby not poisoning the earth, and is bought by people suffering from cancer treatments, thereby giving them physical peace and an appetite to eat nourishing food. Was this pilot? *Shrug* I'm just sayin...
No. he was trying to make some cash quick. $220,000 street value
btweston 1
That number is completely arbitrary.
It was "high-grade". Don't know if the pun was intended.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Watch out now!! Don't be trying to get me to switch vices. Lol


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