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TSA Will Permit Knives on U.S. Planes

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration will let people carry small pocketknives onto passenger planes for the first time since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, along with golf clubs, hockey sticks and plastic Wiffle Ball-style bats. The agency will permit knives with retractable blades shorter than 6 centimeters (2.4 inches) and narrower than 1/2 inch at the widest point, TSA Administrator John Pistole said today at an aviation security conference in Brooklyn. The change, to conform with… ( More...

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Toby Sharp 5
They probably already do but without any of their own employees knowing it.....
Chip Hermes 1
More than half of guns make it through, too.
BC Hadley 4
Golf clubs as carry-on?
Chip Hermes 20
The TSA recommends a nine iron as defense from knife attacks.
Dee Lowry 1
Personally, I would go with a "Wedge"!
Toby Sharp 1
Thumbs up
Good deal. I have an FN 5.7 in my golf bag.
sparkie624 1
They are expecting larger planes with more room in the Overhead Bins... and more foot room so you can put them under your seat.
We might as well approve box cutters along with the small knives! After all... Flight Attendants were murdered with a weapon as small as a box cutter on 9/11. What is happening to our country???
Dee Lowry 1
Exactly, Leslie. The Cabin Crew are going to be the first to go down because they are considered a hostle threat to these people. They have been trained since 9/11 but to be honest, these people have no respect for human life and certainly they don't like crew members with authority. This is giving hijackers a green light to finish what they started! If they want to get into the cockpit...they will find a way!
Larry white 2
I carry a small fruit knife to cut things like an apple as I am unable to bite into one. a small pocket knife like the Swiss Army knife, about 2 1/2 inches folded also serves the same purpose.
kim wink 2
KNIFES!!!!!! Leave the knifes at home and let me leave my shoes on!!
I recently carried on two golf club shafts. I did not know golf clubs were mot allowed. I watched a man two people in front of me carry on a LARGE walking stick. The TSA agent almost screamed at me about golf clubs not being allowed as carry on. I calmly told him they were walking sticks. He said "oh, ok, no problem"
Dale Minter 2
Give me back my right to keep my shoes on
Patrick Ryan 1
And my underpants!
in the last 3 weeks, I was on a day trip, KSMF-KLAS-KSMF. Both the airline and TSA at KSMF allowed me to carry two bowling balls on as carry-on without a problem. In fact, they didn't say a single word.

the same airline at KLAS told me that I wouldn't be allowed to carry them on, after checking in 2 bags, though the same airline and TSA at KSMF didn't have a problem. I went up and told the TSA, who laughed in my face (actually, the airline's face) as they never heard of that problem, though they along with me complained to the airline about such a bogus policy. Said agent went back for retraining.

My gripe: why should I get pinged for bowling balls, if the TSA is allowing KNIVES onboard?!? It makes absolutely no sense that a bowling ball would be more dangerous than a knife, or a nursing mother's milk supply.

Idiocracy at its best.
Toby Sharp 5
......does this shock you? it's the TSA man!
joel wiley 2
Shocked, yes. Appalled, yes. Surprised, no.
I snapped the blades off a swiss army knife which passed TSA security on 4 trips, before TSA decided the awl was a blade- another item for the DGS auction house.
sparkie624 1
Mechanics are allowed to carry hand tools on the plane whey the are traveling to fix a plane at an outstation... One time we had a TSA agent not allow an 8" pair of pliers, but the 6" Awl was allowed... Hmm... Which would I rather have as a weapon on an airplane.
Maybe it was a weight thing. Which was heavier, your bags or your balls???
sparkie624 2
Note the article... You can take your clubs.... It never said you cold take your Balls, so you have to leave your Balls at home. :)

Yes, I know this is going into the gutter very fast.
I carried 6 balls; 4 of which were in a detachable 4-ball roller, which was checked in. The last 2 were in a bag with a shoulder strap. Each of the balls were 15lbs.

Again, weight definitely wasn't a factor, as they were under the airline's 50lb limit for being heavy, plus the fact that I carried them on without a problem to KLAS. the incident occurred while LEAVING KLAS.

The inconsistency between airports and their regulations is what causes the frustrations travelers have nowadays. That frustration, nor the inconsistencies were not there, or at the least were less visible prior to 2001.
Pilotguyr6 2
911 Happened with box cutters, correct me if I am wrong but aren't most pocket knives longer than that... Great idea!
suz 1
But they are getting new, spiffy uniforms (other TSA story)...
sparkie624 1
At least they will look nice.
joel wiley 1
This is going to be a blow to the California Department of General Services. This will be a severe impact to their revenue stream from auctioning off the items seized at KSMF.
Sounds like someone has been hitting the sauce !! What is the TSA thinking ? Totally Strange Assessment.
Peter Douglas 1
Isn't the cabin a strange place to want your golf clubs? Why is there a demand for needing pocket knives whilst sitting on a seat? And surely hockey sticks aren't valuable enough to want to protect them from the luggage handlers? It all sounds a bit unnecessary to me - use the hold like all normal people would!
canuck44 1
That is because everyone knows that hockey players drop their sticks and gloves when they want to fight so would never use a stick as a weapon!! What is next?

There should be lots of cuts available from the TSA as they function primarily without the use of their brains...even with their new uniforms for which the taxpayer is about to pick up a $50 Million bill.
biz jets 1
As everyone is already used to not bringing small knives on board, why would they reverse the rules and now allow small knives ?? Where's the logic ???
99NY 1
I think it was George Carlin who said it, but why bother carrying a knife on a plane? Just wait until the food comes out and they'll give you one!
Dana Levin 1
This allowance of knives and the $1,000 per uniform to make grouping more upscale, just proves my point, TSA = Terminally Stupid Agency.
I like Congressman John Mica's interpretation: "Thousands Standing Around"
sparkie624 1
I think I like "Tub Stackers Of America" the best.
Dana Levin 1
Meant groping, not grouping, my bad!
No you didn't. You meant groping! ;)
sparkie624 1
Wow... Another one to add to the list "Terminally Stupid Agency" Thanks
N9ZN 1
You, and many more of the folks here may disagree with me at first thought. After a few moments to digest what I am going to say some may come to realize how far past a stopping point we have gone.

Simply said, the U.S. along with the T.S.A. finds itself in the aquard position of having imposed restriction which far surpass anything actually required to insure passenger safety. EVERYONE HSA OVERREACTED.

More than a few small knives needs to be dropped from the banned list. Our focus needs to be on restricting movement into the cockpits and increased air marshall / crew defensive abilitity. Combine that with some simple profiling (yes I said the dread word) will go much farther than what we presently have in place to promote in air safety.
TinytallNH 1
What about that dangerous toothpaste and mouthwash we cannot bring aboard? This country is terrible. The "leaders" are atrocious. This industry is dying and no one makes any move to repair what the last 2 administrations have ruined. BOTH Bush and Obama are incompetent morons with nothing more than moronic cabinet leaders, all in it solely for themselves. Someone in the cabinet obviously has a keychain from grandpa that wasn't allowed on board, and POOF, the change is made. Screw these people!
anthonyktee 1
Idiots...what a stupid (another) mandate from the TSA. You see the people we have in place to protect us, aren't really protecting us! This is shameful and sickening!!!
ed whiteaker 1
For once in a long time common sense prevails. As any seasoned traveler knows, the convenience of having a small knife, I carry swiss one, is a must. So for those of you who worry about a small knife, nothing will happen on a plane today involving a small knife or in fact any other threatening thing, because my fellow passengers and I would never let it happen!
Peter Douglas 1
As I asked in an earlier post, why do you need a knife during the flight? You could always leave it in your suitcase, so it's useable during your non-flying time, but what do you want to use it for in the airline seat?
joel wiley 3
I used to fly KSMF to S. CA doing computer support. For a while I counted the times I would have used my swiss knife doing that support. Average per trip was 5 times. Since I only do carryon, that is why need a knife during a flight. I don't think I am alone in this.
ed whiteaker 1
I only take carryon bag, my swiss knife has 2in blade but also has screw drivers, small scissors, mag glass, bottle top opener and a few others, and individually I cannot carry these on board.
These items come in handy many times, plus it saves me from going out to buy one of them should I need. Believe me, if I thought in any way they create a safety hazard, I would be the first to bark about it. But as you probably are aware if you fly regularly, no passengers are going to let somebody interfere with their flight.
If you remember right after 9-11, this was the first time that I myself and I am sure everyone else actually looked at their fellow travelers. I still do.
Thx for reply.
zuluzuluzulu 1
But we still need to remove our shoes?
Sean Cayouette 1
Knives, bats, golf clubs, and hockey sticks on the plane but i still cannot take a bottle of water or shampoo...

TSA = Talking stupid again
Leonardo Lage 1
Exactly what first came to mind when I read this article. Good comment !!!!
Patrick Ryan 1
They took my wine knife (waiters friend) with a blade of about half an inch from my bag on Tuesday, the same day that I then saw this article on ABC news so they must not have been aware of this relaxation of the rules. Interestingly they didn't pick it up on the originating flight, just when I was returning home.
Martin Wiener 1
If you would take a close look at the size of the knives permitted, you would find that these knives are usually part of a money clip or on the end of a watch chain. They were never a danger to anyone. With the Government practically declaring bankruptcy, how dare they spend $1000 per for new TSA uniforms.If they must spend the money, up the salaries instead and get some people with brains and people skills
John Wayland 1
Exceptions, exceptions, exceptions.... why the change. There's absolutely no reason for this. How many of us are complaining about our knives? Personally, I have no problem leaving it home. IMO, RIDICULOUS!!!
Lucas Fox 1
Why would anyone need a knife on a plane anyway?
I feel so much safer now that I know that the TSA is making things happen.
Dierk Jaeger 1
This is truly amazing but the TSA just like all other government agencies and business that decrease or change security regulations must announce it to the world. Instead why not be smarter and "Just Do It" without announcing this to the world. We will now allow knives but still refuse to allow water. Is this just another way for the airports to ensure their kiosks and business can continue to make the large profits? Most likely yes - But we will take knives and announce it to the world. Than again if we didn't tell everyone the flight attendants would get frightened and of course act accordingly - so we have one vicious circle. Heck, I would rather see us allowed to take water instead of a knife - we have gone so many years with this requirement that we are all now programmed to leave them at home or pack in our checked luggage.
TWA55 1
First class must be getting pissed off w/ those plastic pinic knives....hell why cutters worked why not small knives. Stupidity is the norm and idiots are a dime a dozen.
I wonder what moron in the DHS decided to allow ANY type knife on board? 2.4 inches is longer than an industrial razor blade in a box cutter handle. Also, those fancy uniforms make for a more impressive Dog and Pony Show.
It's awe inspiring! They're using bait! They have to justify their existence. Find an armed terrorist and let the "Media" know. Brilliant!

[This poster has been suspended.]

Phil, it's like Vietnam Nam. Only ones who remember are participants.
Dee Lowry 1
As far as knives on board a commercial A/C....Flight Crews and Air Marshalls will put a "Halt" to that notion! What the hell are they thinking? It's amazing how quickly we forget about the "Attack on America"! Didn't we learn anything from the mistakes that we made? Who gives B757 and B767 simulator instructions to the enemy? Why do we let them do dry runs on the Flights? Why do we tell the world we are letting passengers carry on Golf Clubs, Hockey Sticks and little Swiss Army knives? I question the "Common Sense" of our Government security agencies!!! I question the government....period!
jmilleratp 0
Dangerous and irresponsible. As was noted on morning TV today, so what's the reason to not allow knives on planes? Oh, that whole 9/11 thing. Government is supposed to protect the public safety. They failed miserably on 9/11, and they're failing us again.
Lon Townsend 1
A small Swiss knive is no threat. I have carried one for 40 years because they are one of the most useful devices I have. I have probably lost 20 to TSA security. They cost about #10-#15 a piece. THANKS TSA for thinking.
Tim Smith 1
They failed on 9/11? How could the attacks have been prevented and how did the government fail to protect?
Matthew Coffey -3
What has really gotten into these governmnet run agencys? Why does anyone in their right mind want to, or need to carry a knive (weapon) on board of a moving aircraft. Also, it does not make any sense why the people of the government would want their citizens put in danger with weapons on board. While I do realize that the pilots are locked in their own room, We are the ones who will be dealing with the consequences. I hope that someone will go against this policy
Tyler Tashji 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

TSA to let pocketknives aboard passenger planes

The Transportation Security Administration will allow travelers to bring small knives, golf clubs and hockey sticks into airline cabins for the first time since 2001, TSA chief John Pistole announced Tuesday.
Where can I sign the petition?


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