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Rwanda awards Bugesera airport construction to Chinese state construction firm

News broke a few days ago that Rwanda had finally awarded the contract for the new international airport at Bugesera to the winning bidder, the China State Construction Engineering Corporation. The move was overdue and anxiously awaited by Rwanda’s aviation fraternity, in particular RwandAir, which expansion drive depends largely on the new airport coming on line in a few years time. The Rwandan national airline is expected to commence direct long haul flights after their two ordered B787… ( 기타...

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here is one more link about this
here is another site with more info on the new airport
canuck44 2
Good link, thanx. For anyone familiar with trying to get anything done in sub-
Saharan Africa, time lines are "flexible" and corruption is rampant. The Chinese do seem to know how to get stuff done though...example the China Road Corporation has been building the major highways in Kenya in the 21st Century.


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