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Pilot shot himself before crash at Bullhead City, Az airport

Authorities are saying a pilot shot himself before crashing at Bullhead City, Az airport ( 기타...

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Gutless, stupid?! My god, a man has died here. Most likely suffering greatly for reasons we will never know. Show a little respect for a fellow aviator.
dardav 6
Suicide - likely planned to have min fuel on board, point aircraft to open space, and took his life in his sanctuary. God rest his soul.
Having barely survived many bouts of gun type depression over the years with my partner in and out of non-Hodgkins, near death and "cured for now", and deceased because of Parkinsons, I will tell you that depression KILLS and when you are in that state of mind you have very little understanding of your emotions and actions.

I was lucky my friends were there to take the edge off, I was lucky they insisted I see a shrink, I was lucky I got control of my suicidal thoughts through Cymbalta - the only anti-depressant that worked quickly and did not require increasing doses to finally fail.

Anyone who wants to blame someone for suicide (other than the scum like the Boston Marathon bombing type of people) has NEVER experienced what it is like, how you think with it, how you can't really rationalize in that state of mind.

I would hate to see someone commit suicide, but I would NEVER BLAME them, the truth is that they can't see a rational world, I know I was out of that rational world. Every morning I woke up and thought, This would be a good day to die."

I've recovered and am dating the rabbi that brought me out of it; life can return to normal, be happy and worthwhile but you can't see that, you can't realize that when all you want to do is die.

People with the level of depression as the pilot who killed himself are even sicker than people with Stage 4 cancer, they can't see reality while the cancer patient can.

Been there, almost done that and glad to be healthy again, Bunnie

mzk49o1 4
Thank-you for posting this.
Not a lot of people realize the weight of depression and how truly blinding and crippling it can be.

I'm glad you were able to overcome and climb out of it.
Thank you for this. coming from a very similar circumstance it's so hard to admit to others because of the stigma associated and lack of understanding an illness such as this.

I have a feeling this pilot shot himself to end things with surety. Who knows what other personal conflicts were going on, but having struggled at that edge myself what's held me back is the damage it would do to those who've loved me.

Perhaps in crashing his plane, or setting up to crash before the final act, he hoped it would just appear that he crashed and would maybe burn up any evidence of his action and hide that it was self inflicted.

As was said, the state of mind in those moments is so far from reality. It's especially tragic that he was finally overcome and committed to it. I'm sorry for him and those in his life who now live on without any answers themselves.
turbo6go 1
Been there, done that. Bunnie, God bless you for sharing with the 'rest of the world' what true clincal depression is like.

I too am recovering, yet I must daily fortify myself from the abyss that may attack suddenly.

If, one has never had it, one will never understand it.
Vans RV-4, N194BD
This makes no sense. Could have gone down in a populated area with a much worse outcome.
That wouldn't be dramatic though!!!
I agree with WeatherWise that it was a stupid thing to do while in the air ,not caring about others on the ground. 90% of the time suicide is a very Cowardly Act.
"NTSB is investigating the crash." Not a whole lot to investigate.
.....I'm sorta' at a loss for words on this one.....
Sad...yes. But this "fellow aviator" showed little respect for anyone else he might have put at risk for his selfish act. Shoot yourself or crash the plane- pick one.
That must have been a sight for all the Laughlin casino lizards
Maybe he accidentally shot himself.
Why would you need a gun to kill yourself in an airplane when you are the only one onboard? Redundancy or stupidity ?
Tom Wright -3
Sort of gutless!!
Yes it was gutless stupid many others could have been hurt maimed killed by this " pilot"
I don't think this is on the normal approach/ landing checklist.
What a horrible waste ... of an airplane.
ric lang -2
I think all of you people have it wrong.....I think the guy found himself on a non stabilized approach and killed himself rather than try a go-around.

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btweston 9
What a bizarre thing to say.
Yep--everything is political--and Obama's fault!!!
greg mu 0
I agree with you btw, these people are just as brainwashed by Limbaugh, Fox etc as the North Koreans are by the Kims.

It astounds me that they accept every crazy statement made by these sources as fact.
Gene Joy 0
There's no such thing as Obamacare. That was invented by talkinghead entertainers like Limbaugh to appeal to their toadies.
Ah, but the President has even referred to it a Obamacare in speeches. He can take pride in finally making some headway in our business-first, people-last healthcare morass.

Also note that mrbeech seems to own a Learjet!


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