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Rural VA Airport Told To Stop Using 'Unlicensed Runway'

Glider pilots operating at Waynesboro's Eagle's Nest Airport (W13) have routinely used the grassy area parallel to the airport's paved runway for landings, saying they preferred to land on the grass to avoid hitting runway lights with their wings. ( 기타...

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Detonate 3
I have flown sailplanes in Leesburg VA and Upstate NY from the grass along the runway, often. It is clear that VDOT has once more demonstrated their lack of expertise and good sense. They cannot build the roads; now they are really getting off mission.
Wonder how many times they'll have to fix the lights til they let 'em land in the grass again?
What a bunch of bureaucratic idiots! Classic government~increase risk in an activity they don't understand in the name of safety.


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