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FAA safety oversight of aircraft repairs faulted

The government's oversight of hundreds of domestic and overseas repair stations that service U.S. airliners is ineffective and doesn't target the factors most likely to present safety risks, the Department of Transportation's inspector general said Monday. ( 기타...

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Pileits 3
Typical US government allowing laws to be passed with no teeth. In other words no funding to enforce the laws become laws that are useless and serve no purpose.
This is not what we didn't know...yet, most have known that this 3rd world sloppy approach to proper airline not acceptable.
We can only hope that the U.S. Comte on trans is in the loop here
too along with the Mr. Huerta and his crew.
Be safe!
Sounds like 559 mini vacations a year. Lol
each with about two hours of 'work' to justify the expense.
The report can be found here....
suz 1
Very disappointing group of well paid people.
Don't get me started on Southwest's use of illegal immigrant labor and people that can't even read English manuals! WFAA in Dallas did a story on that years ago. They should be fined, but our ICE director doesn't give 2 craps about her job.
They won't be illegal much longer. :-(
Not if I can help it! The amnesty of 1986 came with promises of enforcement. Never happened. My dad and grandad were welders then, but were laid off and replaced with cheaper labor. Giving MILLIONS of law-breakers a free pass in today's economy will be a disaster. That's why I'm a member of numbersusa.
I'm not a member of anything but I agree totally. Our government has done virtually nothing to enforce the laws and now to the detriment of our labor force the lawbreakers will be rewarded. All done in an effort to gain votes. You know as well as I do that 99% of the politicians don't give a crap about the welfare of the illegals.
Yep! And I guess what pisses me off the most is how EASY it is to rid ourselves of the problem. Impliment e-verify nationwide, and go after employers. No need to waste billions in deportations when they can't find a job. They will self-deport! Also ending birthright citizenship will save HUNDREDS of BILLIONS per YEAR in freebies that these people get. There are actually pamphlets circulating the Chihuahuan region of Mexico that explains in detail HOW to take advantage of us once they get here. I'm socially liberal, but a fiscal conservative. There is no party that speaks for me.


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