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Cessna 177B crashes into apartments near IAD.

A Cessna 177B crashed into a condo building a little over a mile from Dulles International Airport. It was reportedly flying from Philadelphia to Manassas Regional Airport and ran out of fuel, crashing into the building. Only minor injuries were reported. Link has photo gallery and link to local news video. ( 기타...

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Hmmm... He asked for an alternate because he was low on fuel, but "experienced electrical problems and the engine cut off". If he told investigators that, I suspect he thought he had electrical problems because his fuel gauges read "empty", but he was sure he had SOME fuel.
"Witnesses say the plane's landing gear was down". Actually, if the airplane did have retractable gear, the lower drag en route might have allowed them to reach the airport. What ever the cause, I'm just happy to see that everyone survived, both in the airplane and the apartment. The airplane and building are both replaceable.
Of course, the story also said the Cardinal was a two-place plane; it's not really, unless the rear seats were removed for photography purposes.
I saw that too, Mike, reached the same conclusion as you did (probably photo stuff behind the pilot(s). Incidentally the airplane I learned to fly in had no electrical system at all, yet the engine ran just fine...most of the time. :)
The truth: News reporters are very bad about facts concerning GA aircraft: Pipers are Cessnas, Cessnas are Pipers or Beechcraft... I'm going to guess the reporter thought "Hey that looks like that C150 a friend flew once, a little two seat thing" and that is how they got there. As for the gear... Yes, they got that it was a 177B... those come with the gear welded down :) If it was fuel exhaustion then shame on the pilot. Thank goodness the tanks on the planes I've flown so far in my life have greater endurance than my bladder!
I think you are giving reporters more credit in the brainpower department than they deserve, bordering on anthropomorphism.

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Translation: fuel was probably cheaper at his destination.
Out of fuel, including reserves? Someone sure has some explaining to do.
This guy sounds like he needs to have everything yanked permanently. You don't run out of fuel going from Philly to DC...
Exactly. In busy airspace like that, don't expect direct VFR in planning fuel. Expect delays.
Absolutely unacceptable!! fortunately no one was killed. In a time when GA is under particular scrutiny, we don't need bozos like this that have no fuel management skills. These type accidents give the non flying public the idea that small planes and private pilots shouldn't be in the air. I set my personal minimums at 1hr fuel reserves PERIOD. If the plane you are flying is not capable for the mission, get another plane or don't fly. Fuel gauges are notoriously inaccurate.
Now that brings up a good point; you'd think along with all the new nav gizmos that have come along in recent years, technology would improve upon fuel senders, too. Oh, wait, it has...I forgot about that new CIES unit announced last year.
Hey Mike, from what I understand that at this time, the CIES units are only available for retrofit on Cirrus aircraft. Unit costs around $500.00 not including installation. Do you really think owners of 30 to 50 yr old single engine aircraft will spend what will probably be $1000.00+ for this product? It may be old fashioned, but how about calculating fuel by fuel burn and time. When in doubt, LAND.
According to the October news release, "CIES officials report they worked with Aerospace Logic to amend their existing Supplemental Type Certificate to expand the number of aircraft the CIES system will work with up to 50 different makes of aircraft."

As for what people will buy, well, many have spent as much or more for GPS units when charts would certainly suffice.

Nothing wrong with fuel calcs or landing when in doubt; I was simply addressing the point you brought up about fuel gauges.
Hey Mike, no harm, no foul. Didn't mean to sound snarky. Fuel mismanagement is my biggest pet peeve among pilots. I know WAY too many who push that envelope daily. I don't even know if I would trust a CIES unit myself. I have electronic gauges in my aircraft and they're accurate ONLY when the tanks are full. I still calculate every drop and fume.
No worries! You're still absolutely right;technology can fail, so it pays to do the math. You can't aviate without fuel (glider pilots excepted, of course)!
Found the audio and posted on LiveATC:
Photo of the accident:
Shame; my uncle has had an A model Cardinal for years; I learned to fly in it and hate to see 'em lost. Glad to hear nobody was killed.
Here's a reason why math class is important.
DUM Ass! Just gives GA A bad Rep! Does He know the meaning of the word preflight Inspection?
Absolutely no excuse for running out of fuel, one NEVER trusts these GA aircraft gauges, time and distance is the only way. An electrical problem will not cause the engine to quite, does not need electrical power to run any GA aircraft.engine. ( They all have mags),Just his excuse to cover his blunder. whatever the case, glad they made it anyway.
Statistically an "out-of-fuel" aircraft incident happens every three days in the U.S., and there is almost never a good excuse for it happening. (I'm not going to call these "accidents" because they are predictable and nearly always avoidable.) I've been flying for 15 years and have never even come close to running out of fuel.
The fates can hunt down any pilot but stupid is what gets most. We'll which applies here.
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Small plane crashes into Va. apartment building

Virginia State Police say two people were taken to a hospital after a two-seat plane crashed into the living room of a third-story apartment outside Washington.
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Cessna Crashes into Va. Apartment

(CNN) —Pilot William Larson and his passenger were taking aerial photos from a single-engine plane for their Virginia photography company overnight when the plane had electrical problems, police say.


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