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USAF B-1 Crashes in SE Montana

The crew of a B-1 bomber from Ellsworth Air Force Base survived a crash near Broadus, MT Monday morning. ( 기타...

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Great that everyone ok, crash scene horrible, damn thing must of hit Hard
Good thing they did eject. Nothing left
One did the same thing right up the road from me here in Ky. in 1998. Crew ejected then too.
Good day preacher, well you got to give it to the first responders, as you know we all do things on horse back out here. Hope to see you some time at KISN
Was this in your neck of the woods? I thought you lived up on up North.
I been to Ellsworth before but haven't explored any of that country on horseback. If I can't get there on a 4 wheeler, I ain't going. LOL. Ain't seen a horses back in years. We'll get back up that way, just don't know when.

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The one that crashed by me here in Ky was sealed off almost immediately. Wasn't far from Ft Campbell. Kept it sealed until every scrap was gleaned.
No big deal, Only 300 million $ machine...
Military will close down the site for a few reasons. A. Security of any classified data B. Safety. These aren't your typical Cessna's that hold a few pounds of 100LL. Many have not so environmentally friendly parts and pieces C. Mishap Investigation. Just as the NTSB, the USAF, USN/USMC, and USA all have mishap investigative boards that take a look at all factors concerning the mishap. Not everything the military owns has a black box.
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Ellsworth B-1B bomber crashes in Montana; all crew members survive

RAPID CITY – A B-1B bomber out of South Dakota's Ellsworth Air Force Base crashed in a remote area of southeastern Montana on Monday but the four crew members survived, the U.S. Air Force said.
There's your horse, Preacher, all saddled and ready to ride...
One of the crew buried his brother earlier this year at The National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. He was also a Air Force Pilot.
Tough. Not his time. I believe in that.
I don't believe there is any non-serious ordinance.
It's about 95 miles from the crash site to the Battle of the Little Big Horn; the US Military has not had a great deal of success is this corner of Montana, at least that makes the news. Except for the number of people needing jobs around Ellsworth and Barksdale, not really a lot of reason to keep these around anymore is there? There primary mission was over before they first entered into service.
Even with Carter killing the origanal program, there is still a mission for a high speed heavy bomber that can put warheads on foreheads whether conventional or nuke.
Carter killed the program and our defense went to hell. Reagan built it back up. Them and the 52's were nuke equipped then, still can be as can the B2's if the need arises. They are part of the reason that Iraq ended and the others are drawing down. Just because nothing is happening don't mean that we don't need to stand ready. Read the history books. We need to be ready to deploy, not rebuild. I did my time trodding up and down Titan2 silos and standing by in a rescue chopper when the 52's alerted. READY!!!!
Them that have seen it know it won't ever be over. Or just read the bible. Lol
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Curiously yesterday on Youtube, a video was uploaded of a B1 engine test in full afterburn...

btweston -1
Did they at least learn how to drop atomic bombs on Russia?
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B1 Bomber crashes in Southeast Montana.

BROADUS - A B-1 bomber crashed this morning in a remote area of southeast Montana, but the crew of four escaped with minor injuries.

According a spokesperson with Ellsworth Air Force Base in Rapid City the crash happened Monday morning near Broadus.

Few other details are available at this hour. Ellsworth AFB is the home of the 28th Bomb Wing. They maintain and fly 28 B-1 bombers and are home to two of the Air Forces's three B-1 combat squadrons.

There are roughly 60 B-1's remaining in the U.S. Air Force fleet.

Residents of Ekalaka, tell MTN that the emergency sirens in that town were activated between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. to alert the volunteer fire department of that crash.
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B-1 Crashes in Montana - crew ejects

A B-1B bomber from Ellsworth SD crashes in SE Montana.


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