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Delta Honor Guard

I had no idea that Delta did this for our heroes. Big kudos to them for this! Oh, and by the way, try to keep it together for the video...I couldn't. ( 기타...

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Having a son and daughter in law who served in the Army...I say THANK YOU to the men and women of Delta and what you do. It will not be forgotten.
That's beautiful.
Not unique to Delta. Most of the big ones do it. Many of the staff are ex military. Very deep emotions.
I think many of them are ridden with guilt how the USA as a nation turned their backs on the returners from Viet Nam. Jane Fonda did her nation no favours. Everytime I see the make up advert with her in it that reminds me.
You know, when I got back from Vietnam Nam the " cold shoulder" so to speak never bothered me much. I guess I was just happy to make it back when so many of the guys I flew with didn't. But Jane Fonda did bother me and does today. Her apologies are pretty damn hollow and definitely fall on deaf ears.
I saw this done by American Airlines a couple of years ago at ORD. Very emotional for all that were watching.
First one I attended was on a USAir jet in Tampa - that was in 1967
Zack Trego 11
It's good to see that even the big busy airlines can still slow down and pay respects to those that make our freedom possible.
seeing this happen that an airline has an honor gaurd to honor a fallen soldier and I think his service dog is amazing.
I was wondering about the smaller, second container. Beautiful video. A moving reminder to honor those who serve and be grateful.
Don't ask.
AWAAlum 2
I would imagine it's his personal belongings.
AWAAlum 5
A touching and deeply emotionally moving tribute. Thanks for posting.

Anyone see the film starring Kevin Bacon titled "Taking Chance"? Taking Chance is a 2009 historical drama film based upon the experiences of Marine Lt. Colonel Michael Strobl (Kevin Bacon), who escorted the body of a fallen Marine, PFC Chance Phelps (posthumously promoted to LCpl), back to his hometown from the Iraq War.

We likely all know to some extent how our heroes are sent home, but until seeing that film, I had no idea the care and respect with which this difficult task was performed. It's well WELL worth searching out and watching.

God bless all those who have gone off to protect our lives and our beautiful country - and that includes my son, Don.
Very well done. Thank you to all those who have and still serve.
I have witnessed these types of tribute more times than I can remember, while flying Delta. It is all about dignity and respect. Most importantly it is a reminder that some gave all to protect our freedom.
Nice video, awesome to see this. From a retired Vet, thanx delta (and all others who do this)...
AWAAlum 2
Thank you for your bravery and patriotism unitcharlie. Glad you made it home safely.
Well done Delta Airlines.
I've been watching this since 2001 because I fly out of PHL (near Dover Air Base). Unfortunately, the first time was a Navy Captain escorting his son's body home. That was the worst, but it never seems to get easier every time we're asked to remain seated until an Honor Guard ceremony is over.
One of the youtube comments ( suggests this was remains from MIA soldiers from the Korean war.

"Please keep the comments respectful, this should not be a political soap box, we were just showing our respect and admiration for these soldiers who were MIA over 62 years from the Korean War. Please show all due respect..."

Name seems to match the claim. (which also has links to more info about this program)
I was wondering which conflict. All in all some 200 million people died last century. The USA has always sent out warriors to other places and rescued Europe twice. The closest USA had to war on her own land were the events of 9/11. In Europe we drew a line under what happened and no one of that age wnats to talk about the slaughter. If all who read this post would do something to help those from recent conflict in Iraq who need help either mental/physical or even just a job the USA would be a better place.
Pearl Harbor?
it says Korean War
Yes I know. Do you agree that the USA could do more for those returning...both pschologiocal..physical...and job wise? Vets should be given priority. Call this affirmative action. Does not matter what colour or creed they are...all vets should get that helping hand.
Supposedly already there but with the VA almost a year behind on doing anything, especially the disability claims, it is hard. What has happened is that there was a relative period of calm and inactivity as the last large scale conflict was Vietnam. Now, starting in 1990 with Desert Storm and continuing on thru Afghanistan, it has been non stop since 1990 and they have been totally overwhelmed. Hopefully it will catch up as these men don't deserve what they are getting, or not getting. Their is already a veterans preference in points for a government job; it should be extended into the private sector but I doubt you'll see change anytime soon with the way the economy is
Thanks Wayne..I see what happened here...congress should pass an employment law that a company over a certain size must have a certain percentage of vets. All very well sending off young men to foreign parts to ensure the good life we have in the west. Of course these guys have problems..but the problems can be fixed..if the private sector turns their backs they are no better than Jane Fonda was back then.
Whoever knows and can do the most should be given the job. The mil guys usually get hired first anyway because their training is better in a given field and they have experience not just classroom theory. Now, with that said, if a guy has 8 years working on mad dogs and another has only 4 working on P-3's but happened to be in the navy, its not hard to figure out who your gonna want working on your fleet of MD-88s. Sides, with or without a congressional law, with all things even between two applicants, the ex mil guys will get the job first, always do. I think the real problem is the same for all of us, the economy sucks.

The best thing an Ex-mil guy can do is take advantage of his GI bill and get his backside into college and get a degree. Degree plus experience = Shoe in for any job.
AWAAlum 1
That's assuming the ex-mil guy (or girl) doesn't already have a degree? If degreed, then who would be the shoo-in?
Whoever has the most ability and experience of course.
AWAAlum 1
I must not have made my point very clear.
AWAAlum 1
Actually, Roland, America has technically experienced three (3). The war of 1812, the Civil War, and the Mexican-American War (since Texas became a state during the war). And then, the war for independence can be included. There were others, but would require too much detail and explanation to justify listing. At least we are fortunate enough to claim none in modern times. Except the face has changed from war to terrorism, altering the perception of "war".
Thanks Donna. The BBC has been running a history documentary of the 1812 war with Britain. i forgot to mention this and the 1865 civil war. The Mexican American war I knew nothing about. Yes the enemy no longer wears a uniform.
I was under the impression Kiska / Attu was part of Alaska, making it U.S. soil. And granted we didn't have invasion troops land, but they did do a nasty little air attack on Pearl Harbor, HI.
AWAAlum 2
World War II can be included because Hawaii did not become a state until 1959 but was still controlled by the U.S making it an attack on us. As well as the battle fought in Alaska 6 June 1942 and 28 July 1943 during the Aleutian Islands Campaign of the Pacific War.

The French and Indian war was fought before America gained independence, but it was the first war fought in the colonial territory.

(This was one of those I intentionally left out of my original posting because of the details required in anticipation of people who would understandably question its inclusion.)
Well, less you care to also include the lesser known "Wars" that occurred between settlers and natives like the Cherokee. I guess it doesn't really matter either way though. History is history, right? Doesn't really matter if some fight happened on the wrong side of some line on some map, still the same experience in the end.
I salute Delta for taking the time, and care to provide the final flight to our fallen soldiers. I however believe that it should not fall on the shoulders of Delta to provide this service. This should be a military aircraft accompanied by a military honor guard. Having given everything, that is the least the military could do in return.
101st Airborne
I some what agree with your comment that it should be a military flight and a military honor guard. it does when the fallen service member arrives at Dover Air Force Base. But, when a service member is sent to his or her's final resting place it is transported to Philadelhia International and put on a commercial flight going to where the final resting place will be.
Or to an Angel Flight that picks it up at Dover direct. I made one just before Easter back to FSM. Moving experience
Angel flights do not get enough attention... Our Military Men and Women many how give their lives to pay for ours... There is not enough respect given. Why is this not main line media news, instead you only see it on You Tube and other similar outlets.
You are correct on that. The morning we were at Dover, there were 5 or 6 behind us, all civilian aircraft and all headed for different parts of the country. Simply amazing how ATC treats you.
Believe it or not I can tell when they are returning from Iraq with "packets" or not. The big military transports. Heading west over Europe. Call it what you will but I have experienced this.
I wanted to thank you for providing your service through Angel Flight. I was wondering what type of aircraft Angel Flight uses, are they up through business jets, or do even larger aircraft participate?
We used a 767. It was a family thing, not connected to the organization, and handled privately. Most moving thing I have ever done in my life. We carried a USAF Honor Guard from the 188th at FSM with us up there, and on the way back, a flight of warthogs picked us up over North AR. As we lined approach and started descent, they came over the top in missing man formation. You talk about Heebie Jeebies. It got hard to see the runway. I don't know about AC type, but there were 5-6 behind us of all different types. I don't know if there are any restrictions but I would imagine it would just have to be capable of loading HR.
Wow! That's really something. Thank you again for volunteering as you did. This story and the comments that have followed are telling us great stories about honoring our fallen soldiers. It would be great to hear more stories in the future. And, if families allow, perhaps including any photos or videos to help those of us who haven't witnessed these events to share in the ceremonies.
John: just fyi, for some reason, your posts are duplicating
skylloyd 1
Much appreciated, Wayne. From a Viet-nam vet...
Thanks for this, Preacher. First the video, then your post have made it difficult to see the monitor. May God bless them all, and give peace to their families.
Wow! That's really something. Thank you again for volunteering as you did. This story and the comments that have followed are telling us great stories about honoring our fallen soldiers. It would be great to hear more stories in the future. And, if families allow, perhaps including any photos or videos to help those of us who haven't witnessed these events to share in the ceremonies.
I wanted to thank you for providing your service through Angel Flight. I was wondering what type of aircraft Angel Flight uses, are they up through business jets, or do even larger aircraft participate?
Great Video... I work under the Delta Flag (Regional) and never knew this... It is a great thing..
taildrag 2
I viewed this video a few weeks ago and as a Vietnam veteran,was deeply moved.I communicated my thoughts to Delta CEO,Richard Anderson,and was pleasantly surprised to receive a personal response from him.In his message to me he said that the ramp employees in Atlanta were responsible for forming the honor guard and that he was very proud of them.He also said it moves him to tears every time he sees them honoring a fallen soldier.A truly class act and an airline that cares about us.God bless.
This article mentions a few of the other airlines and locations that also have formed similar honor guard groups.
I hope that all our other transportation companies, will follow Deltas example of honoring our fallen military personnel when they return home. God bless them all.
Thanks for posting this and to all those who added links to more information. This is the best of our country. People just doing their jobs and along the way, honoring those who have given their all. They are not looking for glory or recognition for themselves, they are honoring those who truly deserve it.
BaronG58 3
In regards to genie haber post. This is a aviation website...not a site for scams!! this your response to a tribute for a fallen solider and the Delta Honor Guard!!
canuck44 4
Send them in and they will be deleted....I sent this asshole in already.

They join and post the same thing on every comment.

When they occur, copy the membership link and send it to
How about a year or two of free travel for the wife and children of those killed in action?
there are no words powerful enough or eloquent enough to truly say thank you to each and every person in harms way
HOORAY FOR DELTA ! A proud American Veteran ...S/Sgt USAF John W. Mitchell, Pierre, SD
I witnessed the return of a female soldier's body at DTW by North West Airlines in the early 2000s .
I was very impressed by the respect and professionalism displayed by my fellow employees .
Many of these people who would never be caught crying in public were relieved it was raining heavily that day .
Well done Delta .
Thank you to all US service personnel and their loved ones .
Very nicely done -- good for Delta and the others who do it (i hope they do it with as much class as Delta)!

Gentlemen, this is an aviation-oriented site. Many of us who visit here are veterans so the "Delta Honor Guard" post was doubly appropriate and appreciated by many of us. Those who have political opinions to share -- while I agree with many of them -- would do well to take it to a more appropriate venue. There is a vast internet out there with places that would love to read those comments. This is a place that people come to read about aviation.

Had no idea that they did something like this TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
shared around the planet on f/b/!!!!!!!!!
I am not one to offer up anything but praise for anyone who shows honor to our Troops and Veterans--however I cannot let this pass without asking is this the same Delta that charged our troops for personal luggage after they returned to the USA and booked flights on Delta home from the Airport in NJ--yes it is the same airline and the only way they stopped charging the returning Troops, was 5 of them ,posted a video on you tube about the excessive charges--now Delta has a different policy, but only after they were busted--have not flown that airline since-also keep in mind that Delta was paid a hefty fee to transport the Troops to and from the WAR--I am not trying to be a stick in the mud about this video, but facts are facts and this comment is from a war vet--1968--unless the policy has changed--Delta does not do anything for the military for free--
I am a vet from the same era and the luggage thing was definitely a bad mistake. They, like many other carriers do get paid for the transport home, BUT, the Honor Guard and the handling is on them. There are several carriers that handle transportation of the bodies home. How many others have such as this I do not know.
As I remember the troops who went out to Viet Nam were not from well to do backgrounds. Am I correct? And is this still the same today?
The draft was still in effect for Nam with the lottery system in effect for the pick. Everybody got a dose of it. I was in with some DR's and Lawyers' sons. We did USAF to avoid getting drafted for grunt work but did twice as much time. I still saw 'Nam but from the air rather than sloggin' thru rice paddies.
Hey guys knock it off ! I'm a retired Air Traffic Controller myself
two thumbs for delta for doing the honor guard the other airlines need to do it also
Thank you, Delta employees! Please take the following note as helpful advice. The flags should be in the following order (from right to left as viewed by the flag bearers):

Stars & Stripes
Marine Corps
Coast Guard
Air Force
Any other flags appropriate to the occasion.

Glad to see delta doing this service as well.
But their not exclusive AA does it and I've seen us airways at certain airports
And DL only does this in ATL
Nice job DL
Per the link below, it is all volunteer and supported by DAL. Not a DAL function
God bless Delta for doing this. I said GOD bless DELTA for doing this.
Kudo's to Delta
No Words Can Decribe

Hats Off To Delta Airlines
No comment needed.
I give great credit to the dedicated employees who perform these ceremonies for someone who, by definition, cannot return their gratitude because they have already paid the ultimate pride. But I admit the video made me more angry than anything. The body of the fallen should be received with honor along their whole route but they should be seen by the public who go on with their hollow lives oblivious to the losses incurred in their name. A great nation must be defended by all its citizens, not just by the few. And the vacuous "thank you for your service" most people white wash their own passivity with is just too pathetic for me. BTW, I am not a US citizen, but this simple truth is common to all democracies: if only a few defend the nation, their blood becomes cheap to the nation and their lives will inevitably be risked with disregard by their leaders when the eyes of the nation are not on them.
As an Army Reservist for over 30 years, and a loyal Delta customer for over 35 years, Delta has just earned a new profound respect from me. I was also unaware of the existence of a Delta Honor Guard that pays tribute to our fallen Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen. Good job Delta, I salute you for a job well done!
Awesome tribute. As a retired Army Reservist after 23 years, it's refreshing to know that a member's service is appreciated. Thank you, Delta.
Wow...what can I say?
What can U say??? God Bless the fallen, the POW-MIA,s , and Delta. I've seen it B4 , but still chokes U up!!! NEVER FORGET !!!!!!!!!!!!!
god bless our soldiers
Viperdoc 1
What a tremendous tribute and service. Well done.
Thank you to Delta employees and to the airline for doing this. While I have heard other carriers may do this, there's nothing that strikes at the heart when you are taxying through ATL than to witness something like this. The entire aircraft becomes silent, out of awe and respect. As a Million Miler, the things I complain about -- suddenly aren't important anymore. Thanks again to everyone at Delta and every airline who treat our military members with such love and respect.
I know the commercial carriers do this. I have never witnessed this and it was extremely emotional. I lost it watching this.
Anyone who has been a member of the armed forces of any country would have trouble keeping there eyes dry. I am a vet of the Canadian Armed Forces and that video made me very warm all over.
I think this was great or is great on the part of Delta. Each airline salutes our fallen heros in their own way. There are more videos on YouTube if you care to watch.
It is great that Delta does this and fine that they have documented it. I have mixed feelings, however, about Delta's PR efforts to package and distribute the video. If you are doing this for the right reasons, I'd be uneasy about exploiting this in any way for PR value.
Delta is not highlighting themselves but the all volunteer group that does it. JOHN PUBLIC has link posted near the bottom that outlines the whole thing, when it started, who makes it up, etc.

[This poster has been suspended.]

AWAAlum 1
SHAME ON YOU!!! (Am reporting to Cust. Svc.)
Who you shaming girl, me or him? LOL
AWAAlum 1
Preacher - it was directed at a spammer who had placed an advertisement and so when Customer Service deleted it, it somehow ended up under your posting!!! NOT for either of you - not for anyone's remaining posts. Mea culpa x2!!!!!
I'll give you a character ref Wayne.
Understood, but when I see the video set to music and then wrapped with the Delta branding at start and finish, I sense that some corporate PR type was behind the effort.

I applaud the effort of Delta and its employees to honor our fallen veterans but why dilute it with the corporate PR effort? This is, after all, the same airline that was (until they were stopped by public outrage) charging active military baggage fees for their duffle bags.

[This poster has been suspended.]

AWAAlum 1
lol - don't sugar coat it james.
Big company and they are not perfect but look at taildrag's comment here below. Each to his own opinion. We have all earned the right to speak it.
Proud Americans. Thank you Delta.
You bet!!
Welcome home soldier, thank you for your service.
Check out "Taking Chance" starring Kevin Bacon..... similar subject - fantastic film. Way underrated.
I agree:
The Lt. Colonel's account on which the movie is based:
1-800-HANOI. .....
We perpetuate war by exalting its sacrifices.
It was a hell of a note to be sitting on the ramp at DaNang or Cam Rahn Bay, refueling our tanker, watching the C130's than had come from in country, unloading full body bags, and seeing PanAm unload a host of new recruits, and them seeing that same thing. Welcome to 'Nam, boys. You will quickly become men.
The politicians and military leaders perpetuate war Charles. The people who are slaughtered need some closure to the loss for their families. The ceremonies do that job. So when you say "we" we are all guilty because of the democracy we live under. Ee are all pawns. Not all of us have had the privelge of an education to see the viewpoint you state. Humanity wants leaders and the leaders are pressured by groups with money interests. Money buys a politicain a vote.
Well said.

Our freedoms are not threatened by other countries. The criminals in DC have already trashed our constitution and destroyed liberties and freedoms.
I am not a USAer..but I am glad you posted that. I think a lot of the politicians just do not know what they are agreeing to most of the time. In the EUR we owe a lot to the USA and many of came to the USA to get away from the awful conditions we had in Europe..for a better of the brave and the free.
AWAAlum 1
Keep in mind, we the people, elected them.
In 08 we handed the country over to the younger generation. We see what they have done with it, and SOME, I say SOME of them are starting to see that some of the older ways weren't so bad after all and that some things were done for a reason. It will be interesting to see what 2016 brings, if we can survive that long.
AWAAlum 1
Hear hear!
Probably bring one of your old neighbors. Lol. No reflection on Arkansas though. Transplants don't count.
AWAAlum 1
(Warning-off topic!!!) - My parents bought a lot, built a house and retired to Hot Springs Village, Arkansas. (I considered it a tad embarrassing to have my parents move away from us, rather than vice versa-lol) Until then, I had no idea what awe inspiring country it is. I was born and raised in Chicago and had never before experienced a cup of morning coffee on a deck where, when you took a deep breath, the air smelled of pine and rang with birds singing! Until then, I'd almost forgotten there WAS an Arkansas. God's country, for sure. Didn't know you lived there, lucky guy.
You bet we did. That vote buying with social programs thing and promises of more free stuff is really starting to pay off. Lol
Mitch Ford -7
Since this is an aviation site, I'll post this last remark about our military in perpetual war and leave it that.

Nobody wants to admit it, but all of the men and women service members (including other country's men and women that join us.) are all dying in vain. There has been not one positive out come since all of these "wars on terror" began.

The corrupt politicians are just puppets to the banksters anyway, mainly The Federal Reserve, which is an unconstitutional entity to begin with. ( Read the book, "The Creature From Jekyll Island")

The U.S. monetary system operates on a scheme of perpetual debt. The deficit will never be paid off and in fact, the collapse of the U.S. dollar is not far away with the runaway money printing by the FED.

These wars have nothing to do with "freedoms" or "doing the right thing". They have everything to do with maintaining "the petro-dollar" (Bretton Woods Act) and securing more oil reserves, not to mention control of the people. (Read the book, "Confessions Of An Economic Hitman")

Contrary to what the masses think, it is the criminal banksters behind the scenes that controll everything. The puppets in DC are shouting for war, in order to please the banksters and military industrial complex. There are huge profits to be made in wars. This is why the "perpetual terrorists" had to be created to keep the citizens constantly afraid.

I believe it was Ben Franklin that said, Those who give up liberties in order to have security, in the end receive neither, nor deserve them."

The U.S. government could care less about Bashar al Assaad, nor the Syrian people. If this runaway rogue U.S. government sends in the "peace and love missiles" they will effectively be aiding the rebels which are affiliated with al Qaeda. How much sense does that make. BTW, al Qaeda was created by the CIA. As the idiot Pelosi said, "Why they are for the children."

I will part with a very good article by Michael Rozeff and a note to investigate WTC 7 (World Trade Center).

Like you said at the beginning of your lecture, this is an aviation site!
Unfortunately, sad but true. The military industrial complex was one reason 'Nam dragged out so long and micro managed from DC rather than Generals on the ground. My last post on this one too.
(v)e Same -4
Ok, I've obviously got to be the devil's advocate on this one. When did all this stuff start? I worked there for years (granted not in ATL where they have all the shiny new toys and where this was obviously filmed) but NEVER did I see anything even remotely like this happen. I offloaded more HR's in those years than I can count and PLENTY of them were military ones. The only thing we were told to do (And thats if they were coming with a one or two person mil escort, which was the max I ever saw) was to keep all the pax and cargo onboard until the Mil HR was off. The escort guys came down the jetbridge first and stood there while we offloaded the HR down below. Only once in a while did the escort guys even drape a flag over the thing during the offload. I've never EVER heard of any DL honor guard or ANY airline honor guard for that matter. When did all this stuff start?
Looks like 2005.
Excellent Link
Richo.... Australia. Fantastic to see the respect paid to these people .it bought tears on .
John, you ought to post this link. I has the whole story, and states that it is a private, volunteer group of DAL people, supported by DAL.
Les Ede 0
absolutely awesome !!!!!!!
Delta also participates in the Honor Flights from MKE (General Mitchell Int'l, Milwaukee), sending WWII and Korea veterans to Washington to visit the memorials. Available pilots, flight attendants and gate attendants participate in sending off and welcome home gatherings. The gate is decorated for the occasion with flowers, balloons and streamers. Delta goes all out for them.
AWESOME! Thanks for uploading.
capcmdr -1
Here at Islip-MacArthur Airport (lisp) it is down all the time for our home town heros. For their sacrifice its the least we can do.


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