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How to fly a Boeing 737-800 after one month training challenge.

From a television show in Belgium. An "ordinary" guy takes up challenges of different jobs and experiences, in this case, fly a 737-800. In the challenge he will take off fly a short route returning to the departing airport were he will land the aircraft. Would you accept this challenge with no previous experience? Could you pull it off? This could never happen in North American Airspace, I don't think..... ( 기타...

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Wow, what a challenge. I am very impressed with the results and the final touch down. I am "jalous". It appears that in Europe the rules for doing this are far more flexible. It was just great to see how things in reality are always different than they appear on paper or in the simulator. Just fantastic.
super interresting - It tooks me 4 years to do the equivalent lessons

4 years is also fast, considering the costs involved.
Except that the departure point was not the same - and yes it cost quite a good amount of money
however this guy took a quiet good experience - he would never forget his trip


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