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Kuwait Airways to Buy Ten A350-900 and Fifteen A320neo Family Aircraft

Kuwait Airways, the National airline of Kuwait, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding to buy ten A350-900 and fifteen A320neo Family aircraft. The order is part of Kuwait Airways’ fleet renewal strategy. The carrier already operates three A320, three A310, five A300 and four A340 Family aircraft. ( More...

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Ric Wernicke 6
Now that is gratitude. Maybe next time we let them fight to get their own country back.
Our 5 minutes of gratitude in the Middle East was over long ago. Lol
Dear Kuwait, Because we helped you out in 1991, you are forever indebted to the United States of America. This means of course principles of open, free markets are no long applicable to your country. Everything you purchase from now on, must come from, and be produced in the United States, despite what competition exists in the world.


Uncle Sam
erniekovacs 3
Wish FLIGHTAWARE.............would monitor these messages and ban the fools who are advertising.

They do, Ernie, but there are always new spammers, so the best thing to do is report by hitting the "report" button under the offending post and down vote it, after 10 people down voted it it will automatically disappear.
pjshield 1
Don't recall hearing when they repaid their debt to the USA for bailing their asses out from Saddam. We never got a break on the price of oil and now they decide to expand their fleet with Airbus. B-O-H-I-C-A !
Jim Murray 1
It was Saudi Arabia's ass that was saved in the First Gulf War. The issue for us was to save the Saudis, and to do so we went through Kuwait.
canuck44 3
Other way around...Kuwait fell and the US launched attacks into Iraq and Kuwait from Saudi soil...remember all the burning Kuwaiti oil wells put out by the US.
BC Hadley 1
What I remember is the absence of outrage towards the Iraqis from the green crowd.
wingbolt -8
My friends step-mother makes $73/hour hooking. After I spend my 73 bucks he quit being my friend!


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