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Model Boeing 777 made entirely from manila folders (photos)

Luca Iaconi-Stewart built a 1:60 model of an Air India Boeing 777-300ER made entirely from manila file folders. You have to see this thing to believe it. ( More...

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Danish Nelson 12
Imagine how much time it took just to do ONE seat - multiply that by the remaining 348 seats and every other part see in the photos, and you see something absolutely extraordinary!
remy mermelstein 12
Its absolutely spectacular...I saw this the other day, and I highly recommend looking at his youtube videos...they are also great. I wanna know where he got the drawingss and diagrams because it is really extremely extraordinarily detailed...
Patrick Small 5
In his own words:

"Keep in mind that there are no engineering drawings publicly available, so I've had to design everything myself, which is tremendously difficult if you're trying to do it with any semblance of accuracy."
Galen Labady 9
Where can I get one?
NickFlightX 9
Holy Crap!!! I want to see it finished!
steve rogers 16
man this guy should be an engineer for boeing , the level of detail is amazing !!
Neat Job and Thanks for sharing
Ron in Texas on 1-24-2014
Michael Fuquay 8
OMG!! Doing this out of wood would be amazing enough. But manila folders?!?! The level of detail on the landing gear extraordinary!
PhotoFinish 6
With so much phenomenally detailed work, it is too bad the plane was not done in a more durable material.
AWAAlum 6
Hang it from the ceiling, it'll be around a long while.
Jerry Rader 8
It would be interesting if someday we will be told how many pieces make up this incredible model and how many man hours were involved in building it. He must have had some inside information on all of the design details. Didn't know there is an upper deck for the crew. Great job!
Dave Wood 7
Amazing, but why? What drives someone to spend thousands of hours on building a detailed model out of paper? Excellent work to showcase a huge amount of talent and motivation. I wish I had 10% of this guy's motivation.
Mike Williams 6
My bet is he is a graduate level architecture student... either that or he has a lot of time on his hands and a lot of motivation! It is pretty amazing.
Fantastic job. Congratulations!
Wow! That is so cool. Talent, should never be wasted and always displayed!
Very Impressive!
hans viergever 6
Stunning, simply stunning, A MUST SEE!
Donald Poorman 6
All those pictures and not a one showing the finished product....bummer!!
PhotoFinish -1
I think it may have looked much better in the raw materials, than after painted.

I looked at some of the painting videos posted here. I didn't like how the painted finish looked.

In fact, in the video, the final product was only shown in dark lighting. (Probnly because the paint job didn't donthe model justice (at best) or ruined it (at worst)).
AWAAlum 4
If it did ruin it, I'd pick up a can of spray paint and just spray it back to the original manila.
PhotoFinish 2
It was that painted manilla folder look that didn't seem to be working. Can't 'unpaint' paper. It is painted in the Air India beige livery color, so the color is almost the color of the folders.
AWAAlum 2
I misunderstood what you meant by how it looked better in the raw materials, than after painted ... and the painted finish looked. SS. You obviously are right, and you can't unpaint paper, but you can paint over it.
blueashflyer 6
I try to get my employees to focus on detail, but this is incredible!
Andriy Tsyupka 5
This is incredible!!!! Makes you think there is no impossible !
Tom Howard 5
I'm blown away!
Jim Heslop 5
Wow....absolutely WOW! After doing one seat, I would say 'did that, and no more!' My Father once told me "Jim, you need more patience" to which I replied...."Patients are for hospitals"!
This is absolutely an amazing work of patience and determination! I wish him success in whatever he does in the future!
Only if it can actually fly...
Timelapse video of the paint going on:
Jason Feldman 5
That is completely amazing - nuts... stupendous -

I would bring this to any interview - show the video and say "that is what I bring to your company sir" - and get ANY job you ever wanted because an employer would kill to have someone as detailed and smart as this
Jeffrey Babey 5
Absolutely one of the most incredible from scratch model builds I have ever seen. Incredible detail and patience. His career path is set.
Shaun S 5
That's amazing. I can't even make a descent paper airplane to throw at my kids. I better step up my game
Mark Kimble 5
Incredible!!! Would say simply amazing but simple does not apply.
Kent Thompson 4
It's a piece of art.
Scott Campbell 4
I wonder how quickly it will burn, I'd insure it !
Fantastic good job !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paul Eldred 4
He's hired......detail is amazing.
Sergio Martins 4
Let us know when its finished
Bob Harrington 4
Gobsmacked !
smoki 4
This man is obviously a craftsman, a sculptor of extraordinary ability. I would not have believed it possible to do what he did had I not seen it. He should be working in an airplane manufacturer's design department. The level of detail is incredible and magnificent. That's one helluva paper airplane.
Bryce Campbell 4
Just speechless, the attention to detail is amazing, from the interior to the exterior!
Nick Holt 4
(v)e Same 7
That makes me sick just to try and fathom the time and nerves of steel it would take to do that..... You sir, are a terrifying man, my hat is definitely off to you.
nycslc1 3
This is sooo insane and sooo cool! I love the detail work!
Steve Hudson 3
Awesome! I agree with Steve below. Will be looking forward to seeing the finished model.
Jason Verney 3
Absolutely amazing. The detail is top notch and I can't wait to see the finished product.
Larry Toler 3
That is amazing!!
Greg Rawlnson 3
I don't know Boeing haven't offer you a job. That is just so good plus the you tube video. Can't wait to see finished product. We'll Done
Ric Wernicke 6
I love the sheepskin on the pilot's seats. Plane seems more airworthy than a lot of those from Airbus.
Steven Macom 3
I loved the sheepskin, too! Too funny.
Ivan McIntosh 2
Pity we can't get away from the inane negativity based only on nationality. Airbus and Boeing are both excellent aircraft with enviable safety records.
Bob Harrington 0
Yeah, but Boeing is excellenter! ;^}
John Danzy -1
Yeah, a manilla folder model 777 is more airworthy than an Airbus. Yes, more than all those Airbus in the sky right right now.

I guess you'll take any chance you get to make some idiotic Boeing>Airbus comment.
Ric Wernicke 6
If I send a box of folders over can you prove me wrong?
ADXbear 4
This a unbelievable!.. as an better than average model builder myself, I am totally in awe of this mans skill and patients.... wonderful job.. priceless piece of work.. Boeing should be offering you BIG money for such a masterpiece ..
M Susan Smith 2
incredible talent
PerryL 2
Extraordinary!! this reminds me of an article I read some years ago about a retired dentist who build a replica of an F-4U Corsair out of aluminum.
hans viergever 1
Not surprising, ask me how I know!
grude 2
WOW, someone has a lot of free time. Actually, that model is amazing.
Henry Mulder 2
Unbelievable, you must have a very steady hand to forfill this entire project.
jet4ang 2
He must have access to all the blueprints from Boeing. The detail is astonishing! Blows my mind!
. . . amazing !!!
Gael Arnold 2
Luca you are absolutely brilliant!! A perfectionist with absolute precision. Whatever you choose to do in life I'm sure you will always be a success. Have a good life and all the very , very best to a brilliant young man. NanaGael
Sergio Martins 2
Oh man everything is movable...
Roger Curtiss 2
I took a look at his Youtube videos as well. This is so incredibly impressive. I am in awe at his dedication and attention to detail. Simply an amazing effort.
This is one of the best detailed build I have every seen. Being a Model Builder myself OUTSTANDING...........Tell me do you have a die cutter or a machine to dupilcate your items for the model?
Mike L
WOW ! Great talent U hv. I'm sure U can get (or hv U already) a offer from some of the Sci-Fi movie moguls 2 build various SPACESHIP/City models they use4computer designed lifelikes of original.
Plz keep me posted on yr nxt Project endeavour(s).
[email protected]
hans viergever 2
you can subscribe to him and his other videos on youtube.
John Teater 1
This is totally unbelievable. The attention to detail is amazing. I have never seen anything like this.
Phil Hoare 1
I believe that all other contributors have said what I think, incredible, fantastic, such detail, a great project to completion, congratulations. Maybe the finishing touch could be passengers/aircrew??!!
Ryan E. 1
Here is an interview with him:
Larry Dube 1
Larry Dube' - Capt (retired) United Air Lines

This work is truly amazing. There is little time better used than to exhibit this kind of gift. Others have used all of the appropriate words ... how about 'supercalifragilisticexpialidocious' ??
donald coleman 0
AWAAlum 1
"WHY" what?
donald coleman 0
Why DO this? Other than consuming manila folders and time, what purpose does this serve? The level of detail is impressive, but it's as useless as a ship in a bottle.
AWAAlum 1
That's a bit like asking Michelangelo why David, or the artisan down the way why create those models. Perhaps you've never noticed, but there's actually something in our world known as art, or craft...and they are created for the sheer pleasure of it. Some things, Donald, simply don't need any purpose other than to please the eye and touch the soul and make one feel better just for having seen it.
Some people are just dead inside...
donald coleman 0
Okay [yawn!]
Great stuff, *no* doubt about that, but what about the old-timey "ships in a bottle"? Know what kind of patience was required to do *that*, and through a (literal) bottleneck!?

Or the guy who paints pictures literally on the heads of pins?

Or the guy who sculpts pencils in amazing ways,

and so on?

Anyone look at the videos of Ksenia Semenova and her put-to-music sand portraits? Had some people in tears...

There's an incredible amount of talent out there. I'm not putting down this guy, but he had it *relatively* easy, being able to work out in the open, vs, say, shaving down pencil-graphite into interlinked chains, etc. Just *one* "oops!", and it's trashed, you start over completely. Same with building a ship in a bottle, including masts, sails, etc. And the latter was done in the 1800s (actually 1784, as I just found out), to boot!

As I said, it's amazing just what kind of talent is out there, in all forms...
PhotoFinish 1
Nonetheless, I'm sure someone would want this guy working for them. That's what he's hoping for anyway. Hope he gets a great job from this effort.
Michael Durio -2
Amazing. But "manilla" only has one "l," so it's "manila." OK?
AWAAlum 4
Your "I," shouldn't have a comma within the quotation marks OK?
Ric Wernicke 1
Use of commas and quotes have different rules in America and Great Britain. In America most style books put the comma or period inside the quote marks. In the UK logic determines the position. There is an exception for American usage in some style books that a single letter quoted places the comma outside the quote.

Giving you the benefit of the exception rule you're right Donna, but for more than a single letter Americans always place the comma or period inside the quote.

The reason for the difference between America and the UK has to do with interchangeable type. Newspapers in America had trouble setting a period outside a quote because it would often be damaged by linotype machines in wide use. Placed inside the quote the period was protected from damage by the machine. UK printers used a different variety of typesetting and could lock up pages of type without damage, so continued to use logic to determine the placement of the period. OK?
AWAAlum 4
No, because there is no comma in the word "Manila" and Michael is using a quote that would indicate there is. There's a big difference between a comma in the middle of a sentence, and I agree with you there. But surely, unless I'm wrong, there are no words that I can think of that contain a comma, hence, no comma in the quote.
Ric Wernicke 2
Michael, however, constructed a sentence that has a main and subordinate clause. There is a comma required to separate the two clauses. Most American rules would place the comma inside the quote marks. There is an American exception that would follow UK style that places the comma outside the quote.

I understand your point that one would expect a quotation to be verbatim, usually when speech is reduced to written expression. A comma is needed at the end of direct speech prior to information about the speaker. Example:

"Make the pilot coffee," I replied.

Were I editing Michael's sentence for publication, I would have deleted the quote marks and used italics instead, but that is not possible here.

I can think of one common word that has a comma. COMMAnder. ;)
AWAAlum 3
It's too bad this became such a silly issue. When I commented, I was merely trying to point out in his style, he was just as wrong as the person he was saying was wrong. Since he isn't from the UK, nor you, nor me - I can't even figure out why you're bringing it into the equation. (That's a hypothetical, by the way...matter of fact, consider it all so.)
tcavin -1
way too much down time....
AWAAlum 6
Ever heard the word "hobby" ??? It's clearly this man's passion, and not up to you to judge what is too much down time for anyone other than yourself.
Michael Fuquay 4
"down time"? I think it's evident in the level of detail that this project has been this guy's life for years, perhaps 1,000s of hours invested. Must have no wife or kids.
Jason Feldman 3
You know what this sounds like - it sounds like you wish you had the time to do this yourself but don't. This guy might do this all day, he may do it one hour a day - it doesn't matter- it's his life. And he did something pretty amazing with his time.. so don't be jealous. I have kids, and i know how hard it is to make time for other things - but if you really want to do something like this you can - all you have to do is start - and do a little at at time and before you know it you've done something amazing.
Dee Lowry 1
I agree with you Jason. It's called "Passion". You can see the passion with every detail. Amazing work of art and accomplishment.
Rick Rae -1
This is pretty much the definition of having too much time on your hands....


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