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BNA Crash Update: Pilot was "Legally Drunk"

The Canadian pilot who crashed his plane on a runway at the Nashville International Airport and went undetected for hours last year was legally drunk, according to an autopsy report issued by the state Medical Examiner. ( 기타...

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I too, am like Wallace24 below. I doubt that he CIRCLED BNA for hours. Obviously,laying there undiscovered for a good while raises questions. The whole thing reeks of SOMETHING NOT BEING TOLD.
somethings up for sure - crossing the ADIZ - circling the airport without anyone noticing for hours??? Smells a little fishy to me too.
There is no ADIZ along the border between Canada and the USA. You are supposed to be on an active flight plan to cross the border, even for overflights, but it can be a standard VFR flight plan, as there is no ADIZ.
I doubt he circled BNA for several hours.
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"Callan, who had filed a flight plan indicating he was making a 30-minute hop from Windsor to Pelee Island in Lake Michigan, apparently crossed the border undetected and flew south, then circled the Nashville airport for several hours before crashing on the runway."

"According to the autopsy report, Callan suffered multiple fractures and massive internal injuries."

"A battery is embedded beneath the skin of the right upper arm," it continues.

Sounds like a Twilight Zone eposide.
Maybe the ghost of Al Capone was involved? :)
If you're legally drunk, doesn't that mean you're within the law?
There is more than one connection to booze in this case. His flight plan indicated he was going to Pelee Island. (in Lake Erie, not in Lake Michigan as the report says) Pelee Island is home to Pelee Island Winery which makes some of my favorite wines. It is also only three miles north of Middle Island, the southernmost speck of land in Canada, only about 200 yards north of the Canada-USA border. Middle Island was an important transshipment point for illegal booze during the prohibition.
Did John Hinkley learn to fly? Sorrow for his family, BAD judgement to make this event happen. I can't see circling anywhere in a 172 for very long, but I know on this side of the border (northern) there's all sorts of threats of ruin and damnation if an unauthorized border crossing happens...too bad he didn't land on the White House lawn, like Rust did in Red Square in another, you guessed it, 172!! Stealthy, huh.
vanbess 1
One thing to remember was this guy had nothing to loose it came out in the first few days that he had just been convicted in Canada's biggest Child Porn case and he was slated to go to prison. It was believed he used the mis direction of going to the island as a ruse to then head to the USA. Why TN we don't know, maybe he landed at Pelee Island and picked up something to drink. I have heard from friends in the law Enforcement community that there was some evidence collected of the paper type that related to the case. Given that nights conditions remember the field was fogged in and the tower could not see traffic on 2R which is very close and was having the aircraft report position on the field. Definitely can't wait to see the outcome. Where he impacted is a mile from the tower.
Is a Tennessee blood alcohol limit of 0.08 really relevant? What state has the highest blood alcohol limit for pilots?
I found this on the FAA website:

Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR)
The use of alcohol and drugs by pilots is regulated
by FAR 91.17. Among other provisions, this
regulation states that no person may operate or
attempt to operate an aircraft:
• within 8 hours of having consumed alcohol
• while under the influence of alcohol
• with a blood alcohol content of 0.04% or greater
• while using any drug that adversely affects safety

So Tennessee's limit is irrelevant.

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dtmknsn 0
So is she collecting 8 years unemployment $$$ whilst doing this???
O.K. Jones -9
It's about time the airlines institute a breath analyzer program given too all pilots
when checking in for their flight. And to be given to them at each station by the chief pilot at each station. Use to work with an airline and know a lot pilots who are getting bad reputation cause by pilots the breaking the 24 hr. rule.
What 24 hour rule?


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