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United Airlines pilots never spoke to fliers about severe turbulence, passenger says

Despite hitting turbulence so severe Monday it reportedly sent some passengers crashing into the ceiling, pilots on board the United Airlines flight did not address the situation on the intercom, a passenger told KUSA. ( 기타...

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When was the last time you were not reminded to keep your seat belt fastened when in your seat.
Dylan0 14
"People that did not have their seat belts on had flown out of their seats and hit the ceiling,"

And that folks, is the reason that you're told to put your seatbelt fastened at all times while seated.
Having passenger(s) hit the ceiling hard enough to break plastic in the overhead ceiling is a visual that's hard to forget.
744pnf 3
“On a recent flight from PHX to DTW I sat across from a deadheading Delta Air Lines Sky God Captain. Started getting a little rough and the Fasten Seat Belt sign was turned on with an announcement to Fasten Seat Belts and remain seated… Well, the Sky God didn't so and after the turbulence increased I good-naturedly asked Sky God to ‘please fasten your seat belt as I would prefer you not coming off the ceiling and landing on me.”
Sky God looked at me and said “YOU are telling ME to fasten my seat belt?”
I said yes, and he didn’t. Not only a Sky God but an arrogant one at that.
cstolz 2
Bobble-heads will be bobble-heads I suppose...
NETJETS as your answer @Mike Oxlong, WTF are you smoking there champ.
If you can't get your brain in gear, maybe try not saying anything geez !!!
B314 2
The new generation of Airbus A400's & Boeing 857's will have self attaching seat belts that only open when you convince the cabin crew you need the toilet.....
LOL... Don't give them the idea...
Why not; all you would do would be to MEL it anyway. LOL
With pleasure... You know me...
How does this even work? Plus please do not give them this idea.
Not going into details, but it basically does 2 items..

1.) Desensitizes the auto pilots inputs from the Gyros, AHRS, IRS, or INS system.
2.) Limits the amount of flight control input that is available to the autopilot. EX: if the a/p can normally apply 15 degrees of flight control input, it would now have 7.5 degrees of flight control input or another value that the manufacture deemed necessary.
What's the matter with those pilots? Their priorities are so screwed up. <>
Sarcasm girls.
It is amazing what people expect from a flight. When I started flying in the early '50 the friendly skies were not always so friendly. This would have been just another flight on the DC 3. In regards to the lav??? comment there are always exceptions. We are among the very lucky to have pilots that have great training. What is so hard about following directions.....
I feel privileged to have flown in a DC-3. It was in Guatemala I guess in the early 70s. I guess it must have been Aviateca.
Victor, I agree, the DC3 was (is) a great plane. Thanks for the comment.
And the old radial engines sound so much better.
There is nothing like standing on the flight line just before sunup to hear the wine and first catch,then the explosion of a big radial. The sound and smell not to mention the ground shaking, of several planes warming up is something everyone should have the chance to experience at least once.
Charles, I logged many a mile as a passenger on Braniff's and TTA's DC-3's between Tulsa, MKC, DAL, HOU and MAF. Even in April/May with tornadoes on the loose a dip from turbulence wasn't the same as todays jets. Much more gentle in the 3 lol We weren't going so fast.
Maybe there is something to that speed thing.
The faster you go over a washboard road, the smoother the ride.
May not work that way in the air.
My very first airplane ride was on a Braniff DC3 from LIT to MEM; had a long layover then got on another one that was making a mail run I guess. We stopped at Nashville, Knoxville, DC and then into Idlewild. That was in 58 and I'm a thinkin' I was about 9. I lay that on the government though. Mom had made reservations quick and easy on AA from LIT to Chicago and then direct into NYC. Leave it to the gummint to screw things up. LOL
And Joel, you are very correct about those washboard roads. I'm like you, don't know about the air though
TTA, Trans Texas Airlines aka Tree Top Airlines? Lol
I am a volunteer at JFK Airport, and i always remind the flying public to keep their seat belts on at all times, unless they need to use the restrooms. Some passengers will never take heed.
It would be a really kind thing to do to reassure the passengers don't you think.
I believe it is an official procedure to make a PA to passengers in case of severe turbulence to reassure them. Cabin crew or flight crew could say something. Many people are afraid of flying and a quick announcement can make all the difference if they are feeling anxious or even terrified. What may be normal to pilots may be so frightening to someone else it give them a heart attack.
More sensationalism from the media. It is obvious that this was an encounter with CAT, and was completely unexpected. They were also quite near their destination (KBIL), probably in the descent phase, and had already declared a medical emergency after the CAT encounter. The pilots were working with ATC, and with the cabin crew. They all had their hands full.
onjuku20 1
On the DC8 we had a turbulence button. You could push it and turbulence went away. On the A 300 it's just a rough ride.
On Boeing's and Bombardier aircraft also have this feature, but it does not mean it goes away. LOL... It interfaces to the autopilot to limit/dampen flight control movements to prevent airframe damage and give a smoother ride. It does not get rid of Turbulence :)!!!
I was on a Delta flight Sunday that was rough enough the flight attendants were all belted in too, by order of the Captain.
Doh! When they do an air return they don't say they shut the engine down due to fire alarm either... Geez.... The crew was busy flying the plane vs looking at the scenery as Asiania 214 was
Do pilots have their seat belts fastened "at all times while seated" during a flight?
bbabis 1
You bet your sweet bippy! Any pilot that has flown more than 10 hours knows what can happen.
Me and my bunch do.
Not if they can fly the A/C while pasted to the ceiling ;-)
btweston 1
"Ladies and gentlemen, from the flight deck, I know we told you to keep your f*#@&%! seatbelts fastened at all times. Now if you look out the right side of the aircraft you might see some stuff. Sit back, enjoy the rest of the flight, and we'll have you on the ground soon."

Would that have done the trick or do you think they wanted them to fix it by saying something else?
eichelro 1
Talking to passengers would be last thing to do in severe turbulence. Aviate, navigate, communicate to ATC, then communicate to passengers.
1st order of business... FLY THE PLANE! The reset can wait a while.
bbabis 1
This is just another planeload of now "educated" passengers that will, from now on, have their seat-belts firmly on and secured any time their butt is in the seat. I am sure that the crew mentioned that little phrase.

[This poster has been suspended.]

canuck44 4
"Self loading cargo" it. Second addition to my lexicon this week. "Touron": combination of tourist and moron, currently infesting Southwest Florida.
TOURON gets my vote for 'Word of the Day'
Watch out now. I'm coming to Naples in April. Was in Orlando last week. I'll keep a low profile, I promise. Lol
Self loading cargo been around awhile. Hadn't heard the TOURON, good one, watch out for WALLACE though. LOL
canuck44 1
That's why I have fences, gates and Mastiffs...not much I can do about him joining the rest of the Tourons and making US 41 into a parking lot.
Unless you're on the golf course or at Barrett Jackson auto auction I'm no factor. Lol
They can hit the same stuff. CAT don't know or care if it's a 121 of full charter.
WOW...YOU PEOPLE are crude....lets say somebody was just getting up to go to the lav??? Most flights I have been on have always had the flight crew come on the intercom to warn of turbulence....

sometimes they know....sometimes it's a big surprise... keep your damn seatbelt on at all times!


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