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Airbus Pitches A380 in New York

A day after its biggest order cancellation ever, Airbus is back out pitching for new customers. The planemaker is showing its Airbus A380 flagship to analysts and investors in New York today, including a promotional flight over the city, with the goal of enticing U.S. airlines that so far have shunned the world’s biggest commercial jet. ( 기타...

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If I were to make a guess, it's because Airbus built the ugly monstrosity. The burden should lie on them to prove that it's worth the cost to the airport. The A380 is nothing but a gimmick aircraft. Just my opinion though.

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I'm the same way James, flew on an A300 from MIA-SJU once, but that was before talking to pilots. I trust the opinion of pilots over anything. Airbus reminds me of the pilots vs engineers issue during the Mercury space program. Pilots are there to fly, not just sit there and be at the mercy of automation.
That's what sales organizations do, go out and sell the product. Why wait in the hope that someone comes to you? Sell it!
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I have a íece of advise to Airbus, straight out of the Airbus Marketing Toolbox: lease three or four 380s to any of the Big Three (American, Delta and United) for six months at an extremely low attractive rates enough to cover direct operating costs and see what think afterwards. This is how Airbus (yeah, the same guys) got the A300 program going. EAL received 4 AB300s on a trial basis, low leasing rates and after several months tests in real airline service President Frank Borgman realized that these planes burned some 30% less fuel on a PSM basis than the L1011 and bougth 23 Airbuses and this saved the day and the future for the European planemaker, and the rest as they say is history.
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