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Actor Harrison Ford Part Of Lawsuit to Prevent Shut Down of Santa Monica Airport

SANTA MONICA ( — A federal complaint challenging a plan to shut down the Santa Monica Airport next summer has been filed by actor Harrison Ford and other airport pilots and tenants, according to reports. ( 기타...

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josh homer 11
Good news! I wish more celebrity pilots would get on board! Hope his ankle heals quickly so he can get back to work on Star Wars 7!
I was gonna say that - you beat me to it
If you don't like aircraft noise, don't buy a house next to an airport !
You have every right to complain if an airport suddenly materialises in your garden, but that doesn't happen very often does it.
I was a controller at Sacramento Metro... we had lots of late night training flights up from SFO... lawyer built big house on river SW of airport and then started to complain... one night Pan Am 747 doing pilot 6 mo. check rides... pulled an engine on take off so was low slow and LOUD... we extended right pattern turn and put him right over the top of the A holes house... I still remember his call to the tower.. fun fun fun...
build next to an airport?...take the consequences!
I agree that we need Noise Abatement in this country.. We need to equip a muffler permanently attached to the mouth of every lawyer in this country... Especially the ones in congress....
How come no one (but me) complains about those ridiculous after-market mufflers that are so popular with 16-25 year old boys? An airplane engine is the sound of freedom.
Tread carefully BC, you are getting rather close to the sound of the Harley. Criticism of that is fraught with peril.
If your Harley sounds like one of those fart can equipped wannabe racers then you seriously need to get it into the shop for some repairs.
1) I don't have a harley.
2) I have no idea why the refer to the noise enhancing exhaust system as a 'muffler'
3) Those devices may have a darwinian function- it helps to keep them from polluting the gene pool until they off themselves in a stupidity-demonstration.
but we digress from Santa Monica.
It is sickening to watch how the City of Santa Monica expends millions and millions of dollars on frivolous lawsuits to shut down the airport. Keep making the lawyers rich!!!!!!
It is time to outlaw lawyers
sparkie624 -1
Agreed... Lawyers are self serving... There should be a law passed that a Judge or Lawmaker could ever be a Lawyer or work for one... They only create liberal laws to support themselves.
Wasn't this reported in the Onion a while back?
I wish it was reported by FOX.
Who was there first... The Airport or the houses.... If the Airport was there first, tough luck.. They should have known better. If the houses first, then the airport should go.
UGN - Waukegan airport, a far north suburb of Chicago put up large signs on the road leading to a new housing development saying "just so you know, this is an airport, these are runway lights, there is loud traffic" - and the builder sued the airport to take down the sign because he couldn't sell any new houses that he wanted to build on the land he purchased SUPER DIRT CHEAP.

A few years later, after all the houses were built sure enough guess what - yup - the HOA sued the airport and forced them to have a curfew and some other BS.

It's amazing how often this sort of thing happens. Same thing with Ohare ORD. When the airport was built it was literally a country club way out in the bones. It was called Orchard Country Club - and the field was called Orchard field when the Army needed a place to train pilots for the war.

In the 50's midway airport MDW was the busiest airport in the world, and the traffic transferred to ORD and overnight the airport was the busiest = and it was still MOSTLY corn fields and open land. But people that worked at the airport, or the supporting industries wanted to live closer to work and they built homes close to the airport - the AIRPORT WAS THERE FIRST

Today those who live right next to the airport have their homes soundproofed at taxpayer expense -

What a rip off - it doesn't matter if the chicken was first , or if the egg was first, airports get the shaft 9/10 times
Go Harrison!
These idiots that bought and moved into new homes built long AFTER the airport construction and operation should sue the idiot greedy real estate companies for convincing them to make a stupid choices.
This is typical of all small, and historical, airports. The airport was there first, housing is built up in the area, and hey where did this dangerous airport come from?
From 1981 to 1986 I lived at the corner of Grand View Boulevard and Everglade Street, about 3200 feet from the northeast end of the runway and can honestly say I never had a problem with any aspect of the airport operations, including emissions from the aircraft. I also lived in, among other places, West Hollywood and Sylmar. The air quality there was often much worse by comparison. I think that the root of this controversy is the desire by many of the people responsible for the gentrification of this area since the early eighties to live in some kind of utopia. If they wanted quiet, why did they move near an airport that has been in operation since 1922?
It is, all about the Developers on the airport commission trying to
fill their pockets! They are more in a conflict of interest Then a
Pilot would be. They are voting for the $$.
I have talked to some people that told me that some of the people were offered a purchase of there homes at more than fair market value and would not sell so what the real reason for all this??
As far as the longevity of the air field its been there since world war 1.
a lot of historical events have transpired there.
as many have said here if you don't like planes why did you by your home there?
I would venture a guess that most of those home were built for and purchased by the employees of Douglass Aircraft the big employer on the Air Field and City od Santa Monica.
who ever bought those home knew that they lived around an airport.

There is a motive for all this but its not noise.
Who stands to benefit financially if they close the airport? Follow the money as they say.
Time for some one to expose the real motive.
Follow the money. Who will control the real estate if the airport closes?
The Santa Monica Airport Commission is out of control and hell-bent on implementing their well-documented anti-airport agenda. There have been no pilots allowed on the commission because that would supposedly create bias, yet the chairman would stand to gain financially if the airport is closed and has publicly stated his intent to bring that about.
"Anyone whose opinion differs from mine is biased!"
Look up the history of the Blue Ash airport in Cincinati Ohio. Historic airport just south of Wright Patterson Dayton. Formerly under fire for closing/ now closed. Example of what is to come in other cities.
Look out we offer one finger one day around airports in France... and now the bite arms..Hold tigh!!brothers pilots.
People forget, whether Airport or something else. In Western AR, there is one county that had a county seat to the North. Railroad came through to the South along the river and county seat was moved. The new county seat prospered and grew and became a thriving town. Problem is, the Railroad runs through the middle of it and people are continually griping about traffic delays. a 100 car thru freight, moving at the yard limit speed of 35mph(which the town folk themselves imposed, slowing down from a mainline speed of twice that) will pass in about 3 minutes, no biggie. All those industries that employ the townspeople have to be switched daily and that may cause inconvenience. In the case of Santa Monica, this is a long drawn out affair and the greed and who stands to gain have long been known. In the case of O'Hare and some others, some of those houses were built but the Airport was nowhere close but the Airport expanded to them. As is noted here, ORD was cornfields around it when first built. In some cases, people knew where they were building and maybe not have a problem with the AC noise at that time, but as the jet age has really come along, the noise level has increased, after houses were built. Frivolous claims are frustrating and to most of them, the correct answer is "MOVE" but there are some that are legitimate and should be seriously listened too rather than just arbitrarily blow them off.
May the force be with you.
You're lucky Mayor Daley from Chicago did not move out there. He would have bulldozed the runways in the middle of the night like he did at Meigs Field breaking all kinds of laws. He was never charged for this crime.
good for ford! i learned to fly out of SMO and spent many hours happily seeing the city from the air. santa monica got a lot out of the old douglas plant when they took it over and all the rest is well gentrified. a little bit left for history and for air travel won't hurt them.
Why... He moved there after the Airport... He should have known what he was getting into. If you move close to an airport... Then don't complain about it.. They were there first.
An Orange County Grand Jury has recently reported that economic development has been harmed by the operating restrictions on John Wayne. They are basically telling Newport Beach loudmouths to go pound sand. Expansion of the airport is expected.

Perhaps a Los Angeles Grand Jury could investigate the spending by Santa Monica officials regarding the airport and hand down some indictments. It would be sweet to buy the dingbats just beyond the fence and extend the runway a thousand feet so a new neighborhood could enjoy an up close look at aviation.
This past year a well know developer bought land next to a long established gun range and guess what? He wants it moved. This in Ft Myers FL at tax payers expense.
This past year in Ft Myers FL a well known land developer bought a sizable piece of land next to a long established and popular gun range and guess what? He wants it moved at Taxpayers expense and if the county gives in the gun range better be prepared to move again and again and again.
Yea but the locals thought only hi dollar execs flew in and out
of Meigs, Santan Monica may have some regular folks flying in for
a burger now and then but for the most part, it's people like Mr Ford.
I'v been mopre upset about not moving Orange County to El Toro, it was approved
by the voters, and then somehow just turned into a park ! Forever limiting the
region with no options to grow, and the next gen screwed with the limits of KSNA

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"...must live..."... Ummm, no. There is no requirement for them to live there. In fact, each and every one of them made a conscious choice to move there and live near the airport. The airport was there long before the first houses were built around it and any residents moved in. They are, however, perfectly free to move elsewhere. What's that you say? Lowered property values? Ummm, again, no. The property values are perfectly normal for homes built that close to an airport. If you choose to build a house on the median of the Santa Monica Freeway you reasonably expect you can complain about the traffic noise, exhaust smell, and the occasional 18 do wheeler passing through the living room? Of course not. So why should this be treated any differently?
*do you reasonably...
sparkie624 -6
In that case, Tough Luck Harrison... You should have known better...
Harrison is for the airport not against it!!
I find it ironic that you choose to label the airport users as being selfish and only thinking of themselves. In reality the people who moved next to the airport and then started waging a war to close it are the selfish ones.
Exactly my problem with those Morons...
You of course are delusional. There has been no damage to any homes. Those idiots built near an airport, common sense would dictate there would be noise.
What about the bad citizens who moved in knowing the airport was there, or the uninformed citizens who didn't bother with the real estate mantra "Location, Location, Location"?
None of the good citizens must live there, they all choose to move where they are long after the airport was built.
If you don't like airport noise...don't buy your house by an existing airport!!! This is not about someone losing sleep over a plane taking off. It's all about the greedy eyes of investors looking at the potential of under valued land. I live right by the Fallbrook airport and I fly my planes in and out on a daily basis. All the residents of Fallbrook Love the air park and welcome the business. What the complaining voices at airports like KSMO don't realize is that all of the pilots flying in and out go to extremes to be a flight friendly neighbor and we will fly traffic patterns much wider and longer just to avoid noise complaints. All the time flying a pattern that in the event of a engine failure in a single engine aircraft, they would not be able to make it back to the airport safely. But of course, pilots never get any credit for trying to make our foot print as small as possible.


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