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Farnborough Air Show bans thrilling maneuver as Airbus and Boeing jets aim to impress

On the opening day of the Farnborough Air Show, the Boeing 787-9 did a spectacular touch-and-go in the afternoon flying display, coming down and touching the tarmac as if to land, then powering up and climbing steeply away. On the second day, the Air Show authorities banned that maneuver. ( 기타...

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preacher1 13
You need to have the capability to make a Winnebago act like a 'vette if you need to. You may not do it under normal conditions but it's nice to know you can if you need to. LOL

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It was an actual Air France aircraft flown by Air France pilots.
canuck44 5
Like driving a Turbo Subaru Impreza...had one and loved it. Looked like a standard small SUV but moved out like a scalded cat to the shock of the 'Vette drivers.
Airbus probably secretively begged to ban those maneuvers - afraid their tail would fall off
I am surprised they have not lost another one.
Theres the A300 in NY just after 9/11, the airbus from south america to france in 2010 - but I feel like I am forgetting more.
No pax, no baggage, no cargo, minimal fuel and polished slick as glass, yeah, I don't doubt it performs pretty nimbly. Real world performance, now that's probably a bit of a different story. I'm not knocking the aircraft itself, just the obvious marketing treatment.
Thought the same thing.
A three-word description of the test pilots' flight plan: " Recess, go play"?
When I first saw the clip on TV I thought wow, when did Boeing hire SW Airlines pilots? :)
... and augering into the grandstand is exceedingly frowned upon.
The main goal of the Airshow is to sell airplanes. Boeing did just that. Tex Johnson said it best after rolling the 707 prototype.
Very True.... Tex was a great pilot indeed.
I believe the answer that kept his job was "but I never exceeded 1 G!"

The quote that I heard from him was "Well, Geez Boss, It worked in practice"
seems to me there were a few assorted minor parts missing too. LOL
Tex Johnston*
Here is a link to the video of the (presumably) banned maneuvers. All I can say is 'WOW'
my same reaction when I seen a clip of it last night....WOOOOOOW
Yes, that flight was TOTALLY AWESOME. Kept thinking WOW and WOOOW and wishing I was on board. Also was thinking about, if that had been a passenger flight - there would have been a shortage of air-sick bags on board...LOL But WOW!!!!!!
Stupid overzealous CAA
Nothing wrong with the flight obviously empty aeroplane performance. Never was there any part of the flight where I held my breath although still really awesome.

They going to ban the warplanes tricky manoeuvres too?
canuck44 2
Boeing has already won this one over those that want to ban such demonstrations. The videos have gone viral, they have been shown on national TV. They get a double win in that none else can do it with the new "rules".
Yep, you noticed Airbus said "We could do that too". Sour grapes or just glad they didn't have to try and prove it????.LOL
Or have to ask the computer to try it?
canuck44 3
or turn off the computer...imagine having to actually fly the aircraft.
You mean the same way the B787 crew had to disable their fbw to carry out that type of flying.
When I saw the first portion of the video, I swore that it was a sim and not RL.
I guess they do not want another Air France Air Show.... But I think they are being Over Protective there.
If my memory serves me correctly, the Air France crash was caused by "pilot error" i hate to say it, but it was probably the French mindset involved!
It was blamed as pilot error, but the plane gave reverse input than was commanded because it thought it knew better.... Pilot should have the FINAL AUTHORITY and not just when turned off.
George may have been alluding to a pilot erring by 'piloting' and airbus? 8-)
smoki 1
The steep climb is elementary physics given the thrust to weight ratio for a very light takeoff weight and not all that dangerous assuming neither of the fan motors coughs. I fail to see why the Farnborough authorities felt compelled to prohibit the low banking maneuver claiming it to be too dangerous - not for an experienced and well prepared Boeing test crew. There's probably some validity to the Boeing conspiracy claim. A roll whilst in the steep climb attitude would have made it truly spectacular and while aerodynamically feasible for the airframe, the possibility of inducing a compressor stall on one or both engines at such a low altitude due to sideslip would make that too risky a maneuver. The airplane does take on a distinct birdlike appearance up and away with the effect of the bending moments on the wings clearly visible. The more flexible composite wing structure compared to metal doubtless results in a fair amount of flapping in turbulence.
Memories... The first jet airliner to arrive at Manchester Airport UK (then Ringway): Air France Caravelle. My brother and I got to walk through it: in at the back, out at the front. Must have been about 1960.
Does anybody remember the Buffalo touch and go at Farnorough?
I really can spell Farnborough
But your spell-check app can't 8-)
With all Thats going on in the World I hope it has Some of that Israeli Missile avoidence sys
I say let Airbus call a Whaaaaaaambulance!
zennermd -1
I say do it anyway!
And get banned from doing any future demonstration flights at the show...
zennermd 2
They are not going to ban the two reasons to hold that show.
If the show organizers and safety officials don't trust the pilots to abide by the conditions set forth for demonstration flights, they won't get clearance to taxi and take off during the show -- it's as simple as that.

What do you think Boeing would do: put on a less impressive demonstration flight, or wow everyone and ensure that they won't get to put on a demo for years to come?
Sure, but all that needs to happen is fnid another air show within 300 some odd miles...
That could happen as there are plenty of shows but F is the biggie and they know it.

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Memories... The first jet airliner to arrive at Manchester Airport (then Ringway), UK: Air France Caravelle. My brother and I got to walk through it: in via the steps at the back, out at the front. Must have been about 1960.
A simple "touch-n-go"?? Yes, I think the "fix" was in by Airbus Industries........

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Have we forgotten about the 707 roll demonstration that changed the world? Best, but good...hell yeah
In a matter of speaking... it was mentioned. Note the "Tex Johnson" statement above.


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