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LAX Plans New Mid-Field Satellite Terminal - New Facility Will Accommodate Wide-Body Planes, Cut Down on Need for Tarmac Buses

LOS ANGELES – The construction of a new $900 million mid-field satellite terminal at Los Angeles International Airport was approved by the Board of Airport Commissioners last week. The planned terminal will be built west of LAX’s Bradley International Terminal, and will include 29 gates, including some that can accommodate larger, wide-body aircraft such as the Airbus A380 and the Boeing 747. ( 기타...

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Not defending LAX which is a pretty bad airport badly in need of renovations , but I've taken many bus rides at many big international airports around the world. BEJ, BKK and HKG come to mind. All big new airports with stunning terminals.
I have not been recently, but EVERY time I have been to LAX it is a disgrace. Returning from Australia in 2010 and connecting from QF to AA (both One World) was a cluster at best. It portrays the US as a third world nation and is a terrible example for travelers from Asia of what we have to offer as a country. Couple of big bulldozers to push it all in to the ocean might be a good start!
When I was there last, it wasn't an issue of not having a "new-shiny-terminal", but lacking in the area of keeping things clean and tidy and having friendly staff. I had it as a stop between Tokyo and Atlanta - both of those airports won in the polite/courteous/friendly staff areas.
Slytiger 1
Most of the terminals are still dated but the new International terminal finally feels like an top international terminal. Sad it has taken them this long.
They could go to a Dulles style transit with the trains running on different lines to different parts of the airport.
Cut down on Tarmac buses? The method of transport for passengers is a bus to the Tom Bradley Terminal. Granted the time on the bus is shorter than from the remote gates, but bus ride it still is. Did I mention potential ground taxiing delays to get around the clogged airfield?
BigBook 1
RE LAX Mid-Field Satellite Terminal (officially, MSC/Midfield Satellite Concourse): From LAX official site, summary w/ map of the MSC project's planned function as an equivalent capacity swapping facility for when existing terminals undergo "modernization upgrades" as set out in the approved LAX master plan:
Dan P 1
LAX is the worst. I've been to 30 countries, and unfortunately live in LA.

They need to follow Asia: build a new airport from the ground up out in the desert, and connect via high speed rail. Baggage check in downtown and west side.

Only solution.

Otherwise, we piss away tax dollars on band aids that won't work.
Chris B 1
Thats what they said about T5 at LHR years ago. And they still use buses.
LAX is out of room. They're just shoving one problem to a new location.
Slytiger 3
They do have room they just have to use it more efficiently. The remote gates wasted space that, when used, are by no means welcoming to anyone traveling in or out of the US.
You mean the 'People Movers' that they used to have up in Montreal? (Mirabel International)
Wow! Ancient. Actually, they also used them at JFK, too!


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