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United States of America's Lost Airforce One

A YouTube presentation. In 1953 the near miss of Eastern Airlines flight 8610 and Air Force flight 8610 over NY City resulted in the historic change and designation of Air Force One. ( 기타...

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I don't suppose it would come as a surprise to most of the old salts on this forum that the credited principle designer for the Super G was none other than Clarence "Kelly" Johnson. Giving credit for the times and purpose of the U2, did he design anything else that didn't look like it was going fast even when sitting on the ground! The Connie was by far the sexiest of the round motored transports, and I liken it to a quadruple breasted P-51D. I agree that it would be a shame for this historic airplane to pass on to oblivion, or worse yet, beer cans! Thanks Mark.
Kelly Johnson was certainly one hell of an engineer. The single thing that probably saved his particular air frame was that it was left behind to be cannibalized. Fate is no less than fascinating, I think you'll agree.

I had a friend to whom I talked about God. He agreed that there was a God but that he didn't micromanage. I think of those conversations at times like this and smile.
I have been a member of a group on facebook attempting to draw attention to this particular aircraft and its history for several years. I ahve contacted local news media to spread the word about this beautiful important piece of American history to no avail. I sincerely hope that this new video will put this plane in a museum and a give her the full restoration that she deserves. As a child I flew on an Easter Airlines Connie from Clearwater Florida (Pinellis International Airport) PIE to Chicago Midway. It was, as I recall, a smooth uneventful flight except when the Pilot got on the speakers to announce that we should not be alarmed when he changed the pitch on the props at cruising altitude. At that time, she was the queen of the skies.
I hope posting the video here will help your cause. With enough play, maybe it will get to the weekly news letter and gain some more momentum.
Pass the word about this video. Every Connie out there should be preserved to show the future generations that not only can an aircraft be beautiful, it can be extremely practical and useful. Columbia 2 deserves to be restored and flown again so the aviation world can see her again.
Maybe this will make it to the weekly news letter where lots mor folks will see it.
Only flew on one once. Noisy. TWA! Weather delayed, we went up and down the East Coast for hours. Finally, we made a pass at JFK (or was it still Idlewild? Just before what would have been touchdown, the pilot accelerated (I'm guessing we were below minimums). Huge flames out of all engine exhausts. Finally landed at EWR. That was about 1966. Won't ever forget it.
For it's day she was a greyhound. For that open cockpit experience you needed to fly the DC3. You could drown in a rainstorm. But they're still up there chugin' away.
A wonderful video about an important part of US aviation history. Columbine III, also used by President Eisenhower, rests at the Pima Air Museum, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Tucson, Arizona. This is one of the most outstanding aviation museums in the world.
chalet 1
Most of these particular Connies flew with Call Sign "SAM (Special Air Missions) 80610 through 80615" I believe and home base was Andrews flying VP, and members of cabinet. I never knew why a 0 was placed between numbers 8 and 6. In the mid 50s they received the high visibility orange livery common of that era. Air Force One then was a couple of Super Connies also part of SAM.
It's been many moons since I've even seen a Connie. Powerful, fast and comfortable in it's day, I never thought much about it's utility and history with the military. Ike was the first president I was aware of and no one talked much about how he got from here to there and back.

I hope you all enjoy this presentation. I'm grateful to the author for putting this together.
Great story
I helped restore Vern Raburn's MATS Connie in the early 1990's in Marana, AZ. Wasn't Columbine II at the Pima Air Museum?
Could be, since the Columbine III is in the USAF Museum at Wright-Patterson in Ohio.
tres magnifique video de l'histoire de l'aviation des etats- unis bravo
Translated: "very beautiful video of the history of aviation from the United States Bravo"


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