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The Airbus A380 first class ‘concept' cabins you never saw

So you reckon today's Airbus A380 first class suites are eye-catching? Take a look at some original concepts for the superjumbo, created before the A380's debut in 2007. ( 기타...

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The 380 still looks like a Moray Eel that had it's teeth pulled out.
flipandfliclub.jalo, es fantástico tengo las noticias dé la aviación comercial.
dodger4 1
Those beds look like they haven't been designed with sex on the mind. Everything else, though. I wonder who will be able to afford a YVR-SYD ticket on one of those rooms...
Que bueno yo vole en la first de emiratos y esta parece ser mucho mejor increible
Impesionante yo vole en la first de emiratos y esta parece ser mejor que maravilla

Stop, unsubscribe
egnilk66 2
Stop, Hammertime....


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