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Virgin Atlantic 43 has gear problem

This 747 is actually still in te air at the time of me posting and the problem is its far right main gear is not coming down. ( 기타...

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Landed safely. Photos of underside show right outer main gear failed to deploy... I suspect the reason for the return to Gatwick was the gear failed to retract properly before failing to deploy upon return.
Worthless video for the titled event. However, the front on view of the landing is worth loading the site. Nice video.
Sky News Coverage:
Picture of the gear:
Twitter feed:
Chris B 1
Many shots of partly extended/partly retracted landing gear. Kudos not just to the flight crew, but also the cabin crew and ever person who trained them.
Video of landing
Mad skill.

I wonder if he transferred fuel to lighten the wing with no gear?
Just did a little online research. Maximum fuel imbalance on a 747-400 between tanks 1 and 4 (outboards) is 3,000 lbs and max fuel imbalance between inboard fuel tanks 2 and 3 is 6,000 lbs. Very small percentage of the total fuel capacity. On the jet I fly the maximum fuel imbalance is about 3 percent of the total capacity, 6 percent is allowed in an emergency. So transferring fuel to lighten the wing would probably not be much of an option.
Possibly some but probably not enough to make much difference. There are lateral fuel balance limitations beyond which you can have roll controllability issues in any aircraft. No sense in compounding the problem.
Chris B 1
Duplicate squark
Chris B 1
Chris B 1
Head on video of landing
Leave it to the Daily Mail to blow things out of proportion. "Those on board were forced to adopt the brace position as the hero pilot landed the plane with 'text book' skill" - brace position is pretty much standard for emergency landings that could quickly go south.
Chris B 1
I'm not familiar with the 747 but does it look like a panel or similar obstructed the retraction of the starboard outer gear?
Coincidentally a great 2 hour documentary on the 747 on the Smithsonian channel tonight:
Nicely done!
Pilot is a hero
btweston 1
Dayum. Dude really dropped it in there.
Kudos to the 747 for being such a safe aircraft. As someone mentioned below, there is a great documentary on the development of the aircraft on the Smithsonian channel and I also highly recommend reading Joe Sutter's book about its development. They mention several times the redundancy built in to various systems, including the landing gear - this video is proof that it has left aviation safer.
WtfWtf 1
That was a hard landing.. Were they trying to free the stuck gear? Also no engine shutdown?

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linbb 2
Nothing new just your wild statement.
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Video: VS43 Landing at Gatwick With Gear Failure

A Virgin Atlantic plane touched down at Gatwick Airport after circling southern England for four hours when its right wing landing gear suffered a malfunction.
MH370 -1
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Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747-400 Emergency Landing at London Gatwick

Virgin Atlantic Flight 43, a Boeing 747-400 flying from London Gatwick to Las Vegas, experienced a landing gear malfunction shortly after takeoff from Gatwick. Based on photos, it appeared that the right wing gear–the four wheels furthest to the right on the 747–jammed and would not lower.Video and ATC recording of landing
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Virgin Atlantic 747 emergency landing

thanks to spotters we have this video of 747 virgin landing with main wheel malfunc
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Virgin Atlantic Flight 43 Circling for Possible Landing Gear Malfunction

Virgin Atlantic Flight 43 Circling for Possible Landing Gear Malfunction
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London - Las Vegas Flight Technical Problems

Flight is circling in England after take-off. Suspected landing gear issues.
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'Brace position!': Video from inside stricken Virgin airplane when pilot gives order

Footage reveals pilot ordering terrified passengers to brace for landing; shows the flight, packed with 447 passengers and 15 crew, approach to land.
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Virgin 747-400 Makes Emergency Landing after Landing Gear Fails

This was the moment a Virgin Atlantic passenger jet made an emergency landing at Gatwick airport after developing a problem with its landing gear.
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LIVE: Las Vegas-bound Virgin Atlantic flight VS43 makes emergency landing at Gatwick

A Virgin Atlantic passenger plane travelling from London to Las Vegas made a ‘non-standard landing procedure’ at Gatwick airport because of a technical issue with one of the landing gears


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