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DIA launches plan to move TSA out of the terminal's Great Hall

Denver International Airport today issued an international request for qualifications in hopes of finding a public-private partnership to kick the massive security screening apparatus overseen by the Transportation Security Administration out of the Great Hall inside the Jeppesen Terminal. ( 기타...

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I fly in and out of Denver alot, and its generally quite pleasant. It surprises me that DIA management doesn't understand why passengers spend more money while on the concourses than in the Main Terminal prior to the TSA checkpoint. It doesn't matter which airport you fly out of, most passengers want to get through security ASAP to get that potentially large delay out of the equation. Doesn't matter how long the TSA line looks, the potential is always there that you might get the deep-cavity search and miss your flight. Once the TSA grope is complete, you can relax and spend you money on mildly-overpriced food and beverage. Even if TSA was 'hidden' for privacy and better PR, I still would not hang out in the Main Terminal.
homburge 3
The reason people don't spend any time in the so-called Great Hall is that it's so damn far from the planes.

Locals are fooling you if they say it's fast to get through security; the TSA clearance times can be astronomical (compared to many other large airports), unless of course you have Precheck.

And, the majority of people using that airport are transferring and barely have time to get to the next gate.
Ac couple years ago I got to the DIA ticket counters 2 hours before my flight. I got to the boarding gate 10 minutes before scheduled departure. I don't mind connecting through DIA but having to check in and go through security and then the trains sucks. I gladly pay more, even with the more limited number of flights and connections vs. direct flights in many cases, to drive an hour south to KCOS to avoid the DIA mess at peak times.
Living in Denver, I agree with your sentiments. If there was some way to get security out into the concourses and have the "Great Hall" as a place were passengers and family alike could spend time together would be a better option. As it stands, the plan for ticketed passengers only in the space currently occupied by TSA/security means that those passengers will scoot on through to the gates and the shops would be mostly devoid of activity.
I've never been to/through KDEN, but I am familiar with KIAD. Believe me, I would rather stay on the pre-security side in the main building than sit for a while in the "temporary" C and D concourses. The B concourse, however, is different. At least that feels more open and inviting; it probably has something to do with the fact it isn't a nearly windowless gray box.
Kim Day is out of control at DIA. The white elephant motel looks like it should have a roller coaster on the roof, it blocks the view of one of the most iconic terminals in the US if not the world. Plus it's 50% over budget and still has a year of construction. It's so far over budget that they tried to divert maintenance dollars to the CAPEX project to hide the magnitude of the budget bust. The demon horse sculpture not only scares the bejesus out of people it's a copy of the prancing horse at Ferrari's Modena headquarters. I live in the Denver area and fly out of DIA 48-50x per year for 16 years and she's spent all the money on all the wrong things.
I wholeheartedly agree with the other commentary. I spent 8 months commuting through DEN and would not have spent any more time in the main building regardless of the security layout. When departing, I would drop off my luggage and get through security to the gate area, hoping I wouldn't be delayed by the TSA drama students. When arriving, it was 9 or 10pm and I just wanted to get to the rental car and my hotel and hopefully to sleep before midnight.

While I am sure that a more open great hall would benefit those people waiting for an arriving passenger, I have serious doubts the professional business travelers (the ones who have the money to spring for a $16 cheeseburger) will ever even see the new shops and restaurants while they hustle through the building.
DIA seems to more concerned about money than comforting the passengers.
I have always said that DEN is by far the most difficult airport to get through security. I usually am pre-check which of course helps. Thee first thing I always do after checking luggage is to get the hell through security and get it over with. Most experienced travelers will not lounge around outside of security. DEN reminds of what an airport in a third world country is like.

Try White Plains, NY, airport. It is worse that DEN and if they have 150 seats for waiting, there are 300 passengers waiting. I have to quit now, I am getting stressed thinking about all this crap.


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