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Close call as planes nearly collide over Westchester

Jet Blue 94 averts a collision on approach to Westchester County Airport two planes nearly collided in mid-air over Westchester County over the weekend, and now, two passengers are speaking out about the scare. It's an Investigators' exclusive. JetBlue Flight 94 had begun its descent to Westchester County Airport Sunday afternoon when its collision-warning system alerted inside the cockpit. An unidentified plane flying in busy commercial airspace was closing in on them. ( 기타...

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New type of AIRSPACE COMMERCIAL someone needs an air space education, just news people that don't know there job doing it wrong again.
This is why pilot's are needed up front. TCAS gives you 1000' and that ain't much at speed.
On the serious side, what I can't figure out is why ATC didn't give the a NORDO or something similar and if they had them on radio, why they got them that close. Somebody screwed up, either the small plane pilots or ATC, I think.
I don't have pad in front of me. Is Westchester airport airspace not restricted and in a control zone. CNN is broadcasting tower/plane transmission but they are saying nobody done anything wrong. Now, to me, VFR or not, that small plane was, or should have been under control of ATC since he was in that zone. Is my thinking straight here?


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