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Canada sends DART team to quake ravaged Nepal

OTTAWA -- Members of Canada's Disaster Assistance Response Team will be deployed immediately to earthquake-stricken Nepal, federal officials announced on Saturday. DART members from Canadian Forces Base Trenton will be heading to Nepal, along with civilian political and humanitarian personnel from Foreign Affairs. ( 기타...

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Report today is that the airport has been overloaded and closed to heavy aircraft fearing structural damage to their single runway.
mordida - bite in English, गास in Nepali
canuck44 1
There have been other reports of Nepalese Customs holding up aid at an airport with very little ability to store supplies and park unloaded aircraft.
What is mordida in Nepali?
Mass casualty disasters in modern times tend to be followed by a second disaster: the converging horde of relief organizations with zero organizational command. Canada's DART is largely PR fluff. The enormity of the carnage in Nepal vastly exceeds the best DART effort and intention. The Nepal regime, while Nepalese are generally extremely friendly and hospitable, is anachronistic and useless. Hundreds of seismologists went to painstaking lengths to warn Nepal of impending large-scale earthquake, only to discover no representative has the vaguest idea about anything. Talking to a brick wall. All the best for DART, but natural disasters require national military precision command and oversight. Nepal has to rise to the task, which has next to no capability.
DART is part of Canada's military. For more information, please see:

The ability to purify up to 50,000 litres of drinking water daily is no small feat...
canuck44 1
One possible exception are the Israelis who arrive within hours with trained searchers and a full field hospital. They are almost always first on scene in the first vital hours.


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