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Ever wondered what happens to your luggage upon check in?

Have you ever wondered what happens to your luggage after you check it in? Let's go behind the scenes with GoPro to find out! ( 기타...

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Okay, now let's do it again, but this time with hidden cameras and without warning everyone beforehand. Let's see the REAL way it gets handled.
Probably looks a lot like this...
The REAL way they are handled.
The footage was lost when the GOPRO camera got broken for some reason.
Nah, he didn't open it even once.
All of the baggage folks were told that they could see the woman who checked the bag....sans clothing...IF they behaved.
I agrre with you
The bag was tagged for Melbourne, yet the last scene shows a person walking out of a terminal in Sydney.

Therefore one could assume that the bag was lost, sent to Sydney, and stolen from the baggage carousel by someone.
btweston 1
Or you could assume that this is a production piece and they're taking footage where they can get it.
Or better yet, you can assume Wayne's making a humorous observation and isn't at all serious.
dtmknsn 4
I just want to know why luggage can't get to the destination and why luggage is still being pilfered....
Trow and throw work.
All well and good, but the passenger went to Sydney.
They forgot to show the handler "checking" the bag to make sure it is locked.
Not here in the states. In some airports, passenger waiting areas permit a view of aircraft at gates while being loaded....Lets just say some interesting "stuff" happens to our luggage.
Pure Fantasy.
usad 2
Where is the gorrilla?
TSA borrowed him for manual screenings.
linbb 2
And the next video is of parking attendant's driving your car
with white gloves on both hands on the wheel with no tires squealing
or door bangs. What were they smoking making this video???? Alaska
parked by cardboard box out in the rain and then under something
almost heavy enough to fully ruin what was inside. Get real setting
it gently on the conveyor? No way it would take hours to load an AC.
I suspect the portrayal in DieHard 2 was more real than this.
btweston 1
Ever wonder where your hot dog came from?
No. But, in 3rd grade we went on a class trip to a catsup factory. To this day, some 30 years later still wont eat it.
Worked in a pickle factory once - nope, nope, nope! And relish? You really don't want to know about the relish...
If you love law or sausages it's better not to seem them made.
Remember "The Jungle" by Upton Sinclair?
How did they manage to find such a gentle , efficient caring handler - we should have him cloned as a matter of urgency
I agree with you
Wow, unbelievable.
Spindle, fold, and mutilate. Oh, and pilfer.
I flew back into RUH the day after that big sandstorm hit the Middle East last month. Somehow, my one small checked bag from IAD was left behind by Saudia. Fortunately, I had flown UA from MCO to IAD, and they were able to track it for me. They got it onto a Lufthansa flight to Germany, then to RUH.

When I went to pick it up, I was first taken into an underground parking garage by mistake. There were three dump trucks loaded with bags waiting to be unloaded in one of the parking areas in the garage. I went into that area, and there must have been easily 5,000 bags already in there with more to come from the other terminals. All from all over the Middle East.

Boy, was I lucky.
TWA55 1
Have you ever wondered, ya, it gets lost, and goes to the big bag land in the sky, or is eaten for lunch by the bag transit system, or maybe that big ape is still around. lol
Maybe here at KSMF?
This little baggage problem cost United 108 million dollars US. After Dave posted this on YouTube, UA stock went down 10%. For that, they could have bought 50,000 Taylor Guitars for this gentleman.
akovia 1
Fifty years of flying the world as a pax and I have had delayed luggage 3 times. Twice for a couple of hours. Once for TWO DAYS, which was ski gear and American Airlines bought me $750 worth of replacement equipment. TSA has inspected my bags many times, but nothing ever pilfered. Armchair critics make me nauseous.


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