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NetJets CEO abruptly resigns

The top executive at NetJets has abruptly stepped down and the company has replaced him with a senior leader who left the company a month ago. Columbus-based NetJets announced the changes this morning, which are effective immediately. ( 기타...

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I smell a power play.
A failed coup?
Methinks the board thought more of the 2 coming back than the one leaving. They won't get hurt either way I don't think and it might help blast the pilot negotiations off dead center.
canuck44 0
Buffet has a very small team of smart people that looks at the management and results in all of the empire. When two key people quit in a short time, red flags go up and they most likely looked at where the problem originated. Then we can agree with Wayne on this one but there was probably a foot on his back to push him out the door.

This is not a coup, but the just central corporation responding to a problem they identified in their ranks and removed it.
The old man is a nice guy but when it comes to business, it either makes money or it doesn't. You either perform or you don't. Besides performance, he likes peace in the family. There is no gray area. Even though it was a small part of the parent corporation dollar wise, it did not go unwatched. I think there is definitely a footprint there somewhere, not necessarily on his back.
bbabis 0
Still, probably not a bad departure for Jordan Hansell. Here, take this 10 million and don't let the door hit your a$$ on the way out!
I doubt there was room for the door to hit him there with that boot up it. LOL
But you are correct. I doubt he'll have to draw unemployment to get by.
I'm ready
This was probably a :choice" between resigning with a nice golden parachute from NetJets/BH and an agreement to keep his mouth shut or be fired unceremoniously. The old man is starting to show symptoms of the Joe Paterno syndrome in his old age, but having things start to crack at the end, leaving a bad legacy at the end - see also BH other business dealings, some of which have recently shown to lack integrity.

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That is a new word for the dictionary but is probably right on. LOL He was doing a decent job with the company but I don't think they were very far from having a hellacious pilot problem. That said, the pilots aren't starving or they would have walked long before now, but when you share the wealth at the expense of an integral part of the company, there is an end to that rope somewhere. In particular, in a 135 company, flight crews are a very important part of it doing well or not and you can't blame them for wanting a piece of the pie.

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bbabis 1
You're looking through aviator glasses Mike. It takes two to tango, but now maybe some needed steps can be taken to make the dance look better to the judges.
I think they realized that and think that this will help that.
Jordan Hansell if you're not ready for retirement look at it this way, one door closes there's always another open, if you were not qualified you would not have been hired.


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