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(Video) Gripen JAS-39C Crash-landing

Hungarian Saab Gripen JAS-39C forward landing gear had malfunctioned, pilot ejected when he lost control of the aircraft on the ground. ( 기타...

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cbw 4
Looks like he would have been better off staying in the plane.
Hindsight is 20-20. Given what happened he probably would have been OK but how many of them have you seen that ended in a ball of fire?
cbw 2
True story, he may have thought it would flip once it hit the grass.
As it played out, probably. But he was kinda busy at the time to check his Ouija board- besides the board needs 2 users and it was a single seat craft.
For many fighters, it's SOP to eject if the aircraft begins to head for the edge of the runway, whether the gear is up or down. Some runways have a distinct drop-off or there could be soft ground and either can cause an aircraft to flip over.

There's a CF-188 that's had two runway excursions and two successful ejections. After minor repairs to the landing gear and wingtips and the installation of a new seat and canopy, it was out back into service after both incidents.
oowmmr 2
That's a cool ejection seat blasting him out right there, but it didn't flip or burn anyways.
He had no guarantee that it would stay uptight and stay on the runway at the time he made the decision to eject. SOPs exist for a reason.
mdacre 2
Any day you can walk away from something like this, it was a good day!
The way he crumpled, I'm not sure he walked it off.
Didn't nobody sat it didn't hurt. LOL
I've been through egress training in several countries and also decompression chamber training several times in Canada. The courses always include what the instructors usually refer to as the "gallery of horrors" which consists of photos and videos that are intended to grab your attention and make everyone realise the importance of learning the material like your life depends on it -- because it does.

We were always told that it's considered a successful ejection if you escape from the jet and get a good chute, but that even in successful ejections, there can be serious injuries. I've had a few close calls during air-to-air photo missions, but so far, I've made as many landings in aircraft as takeoffs.
...*put* back into service for those not fluent in Typonese. :-)
Avi8tor2 1
All I could say once I saw the Pilot hit the ground was...."OUCH"!
At least he lived, as far as we know.
Back in the day, when I was USAF rescue, I saw several F-4 drivers at Davis Monthan do similar things or at least very low level.
bbabis 1
I guess he elected no gear instead of just the mains. Maybe what the AOM calls for. It looks like the pilot had a harder landing than the plane. Hope he came through the ejection and landing OK.


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