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Seat cover from aircraft washes up on shore of Western Australia

Could this be a sign of the missing Boeing 777-200 that went missing over a year ago with 289 passengers on board MH370. Two couples have come across what appears to be a full seat cover found washed up on a isolated coast line of western Australia in Karratha. While walking on the sandy dunes the couple came across this purple blue seat cover. First they thought it was a car seat cover but after taking a good look at it. It was infact a seat cover from a passenger seat from a aircraft. The… ( More...

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None of the links seem to work nor a web search.
tracytearata 1
You never no what happens sooner or later debris will come up to the surface and beach it self if these have being put to air on Aussie TV netwrks then there must be a sign the plane or aircraft is near by out there just like the A330 AF jet it had taken two years to find and one week for debris to come to the surface. MH370 it could be that. I have flown MAS lot of times and there seat cover s are of the same colors purple blue etc but I am not saying it's the downed aircraft. This news got to our TV Network here in NZ on last Sunday
tim becker 1
At last someone has come up with a sense able answer. That is tue sooner or later debris will rise. Of course it has and I firmly bleive it's from a passenger or civilian aircraft & not discounting MH370

[This poster has been suspended.]

Bernie20910 1
And do multiple airlines use that same color combination/pattern for their seats? It's been my experience that each airline has a very specific decor in their aircraft, including the colors and patterns used on the seat covers. It sould be very simple to determine if this color/pattern matches what was used.
sueridge307 1
Yes they do I work for ANZ and many overseas airlines use the same colors on seating but different patterns through them if your more observant you would see this
Bernie20910 1
And if you were more observant you'd see that's what I was saying.
Quackers 1
Can you provide any links to this stuff?
Quackers 1
Very interesting. Can't find a trace of it on any Aussie news services....
Jhon Lewis 1
The link is broken. I know a toulette washed up in march though. If it does prove to be from a malaysia airlines aircraft, I think the search may have just be able to be pinpointed.
william baker 1
This is the link to the towelette that was found about 4 months ago for those of you that haven't seen it. I am still looking for a new link to the seat cover.
william baker 0
On other note this may not be related but 28 life jackets wash up on shore as well??
That's May 2013
30west 0
The article gives no indication at all that these could be related to MH370. Life jackets from a commercial a/c could be positively identified as such. The silence from Australian governmental authorities linking them to the missing flight speaks volumes to the likelihood that it was the origin of this debris.
Quackers 0
Even if there was some sort of gag order (but why issue one in the first place) news would filter out about things like this, right?
william baker 0
Well yes it should filter out and no I never said it was related fully it just seems kinda weird they found a towellete then life jackets and now a seat cover all in about the same area within a few months times. Yea it's highly unlikely that it's all related but it's still a possibility.

Gene Nowak 1
I've searched this various ways including the paper itself. There is no other recent references to MH370, therefore, don't waste your time with this post.
elcockm 1
this sounds pretty interesting. That would probably be rotten all now not??
Colin Seftel 1
The link is now broken, did the paper withdraw the article?
Jim Quinn 0
The government secretly taking and dropping the US military hijacked plane and did this.
siriusloon 3
No, no, no! The tin foil lining your helmet is supposed to be shiny side OUT.
sueridge307 0
The Government has gag this for which he has money paid into his pocket so nobody can fine the aircraft. Yes I believe this evidence has washed up and surfacing now it could be of MH370 another thing to keep in mind maybe the government has ordered the link to be taken out which it can do. So there sounds like a cover up by why would Australian Government do such a thing??
william baker 0
It's a coverup. I mean come on it took 3 days to find parts of Air France 447. But they can't find a Boeing 777 which is larger then a Airbus A330. They know there was something on that plane that should not have been. Also after the loss of the aircraft passangers banks accounts were being accessed. But by whom. Maybe somebody on board. Also do you really think it's costing 100 million dollars to search for this missing plane with what three ships when two are also in port. Also it's kinda odd that a towelette www found on be coast they says Malaysia right on the packaging but they can't confirm it was from the plane. Umm how many mayalsia planes drop towelettes from the sky? Let alone any airline?? Hmmmm does t make since to me at all. They know and have known where the plane is and are hiding it behind the government of Australia.


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