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Opinion: The Airbus A380NEO is a Good Idea

First things first; I am sick and tired of all the A380 hate. I get it; it’s not made by Boeing and doesn’t fit the U.S. major route network. Here’s the thing: that doesn’t make it a terrible aircraft and an absolute aviation sin. I am tired of reading comments from people saying, “Since Delta never ordered it, it must be too big.” No one also wants to hear your comments about how the A380 only works for “government-subsidized airlines,” or, “how all the other airlines that operate it regret… ( More...

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patrick baker 3
I don't think enough is made of the lower fuel prices that exist along the arc from northern Europe to the middle east to southeast asia, prices that the big three arab air carriers take fair advantage of as they spread like crab grass, much to our chagrin. Imagine what sort of medieval prison Ryanair would create if they chose to fly a380's. I want to see reports of load factors along the sweet spot of the 380, northern Europe to hong kong with points inbetween. Then we can get a sense of the usefulness of a 380 neo. Four engines is the minimum an aircraft of this size needs, so let that slur fall away.
preacher1 1
Nobody is arguing the need for 4 engines to make it fly. The question is can it do enough difference with four over 2 running like the 777/787 or the 350.
I agree it is a hub to hub machine, but in Emirates case they feed DBX from all over with the A380s and then out to their smaller markets in Africa, ME and Europe with A330s and 777s. Pax can go from (say) BNE to Dublin without having to change again in crowded European hubs. Yes this also works with the 777s but where you have slot controls and limited capacity the A380 can make sense.
Have you looked at Flight Radar 24. It provides some functionality that balances well with FA like tail numbers
preacher1 1
No I haven't been over there. I'll get around to it one of these days. LOL
preacher1 1
I actually enjoy sitting here on FA and stirring up trash when a good topic comes along. LOL
Oops Should have posted here. Totally agree on the stirring! Actually quite easy to do
preacher1 0
On the serious side of this whole thing though, while it may make sense for Emirates, they are only talking about 100 planes and as flakey as they can be at times, I would imagine Airbus will sweat until they see some money, and the 100 they are talking about won't be anywhere near their breakeven point. To boot, while they are in a break even or better position right now with current orders for the next couple of years, what is going to happen to the tail end of that order line now that the NEO has been announced.
I might get disparaged, but go look on Flight Radar 24 and filter on A388. Then just compare the Europe to mid east and Asian traffic with A380s and the small number of flights operated by various carriers to the USA.
I think Emirates operates 5 RT services a day to LHR as well as (now) 2 to LGW as well and MAN. Also take a look at the world's top 10 countries by population and the projections for that growth. I do not know if the A380 is the answer but there are an awful lot of people living in the areas currently served by A380s and there will be more. Interesting discussion!
preacher1 1
Well, as has been said in other posts and forums, it is a hub to hub machine and will not work on a netework. Airports have to be qualified before it can go in, namely with 200' width on the runway. This does not have to be load bearing grade but it has to cover the dirt to stop FOD ingestion on those 2 outboard engines. Although it may be non load bearing and x'd out, you know somebody will use it at some point.LOL
Like to fly in one of these. But I don't fly internationally :(
chudddds 2
flew on one of these to Japan, its like a flying shopping mall. got drunker in a skunk.
If ya can't be the pilot, may as well drink to help digest the airline expierence.
Ric Wernicke 3
The good news for the A380 is there is adequate parking in Mojave.
preacher1 3
I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion and in this case, the war of words and thoughts and what ifs will go on until it is built and we see what happens. Personally, I'll just simply say it is too big. By the fact that it can't go everywhere bolsters my feelings about that. The fact that is has 4 engines adds too that. It will be interesting.
canuck44 3
Right away you get this guy's attitude. Like some politicians, if you disagree with them you must be a "hater" no matter how rational you arguments must be. He has some good points, but he really doesn't address the principal issues: it has limited use restricting it to major hubs on heavily traveled routes. The 787 and Airbus' A350 are going to suck up traffic that bypasses those hubs to a final destination avoiding a secondary flight for those passengers. His prospects for airlines to acquire the NEO are overestimates as likely many of the current holders like China Southern will be happy to trade down.
preacher1 1
I really think that TRADING DOWN will be the issue. Airbus may hang onto the market sales wise, as in the A350 but I think the 380, regardless of version, will eventually go away.
linbb -7
Yes and what qualifies him to make statements like he did? Just another wanabe poster that thinks his view matters with no fact to support it. It gets old on here seeing the people post items that are not worth while that amount to nothing more than chevy vs ford.
I believe the piece stated "Opinion" Everybody is entitled to that. I am not sure why you believe him to be unqualified to have an opinion, and by extension why you are qualified.
I do not have the technical expertise to comment but am always interested to hear different viewpoints on aviation subjects. More to the pity, many of us will likely not be around to see what actually happens!
And we know how that debate ended. Lol
william baker 0
This is bull. The Plane is in fact to big. When was the last time a 747-400 or 800 for that matter hit a planes tail. Also you have to have more space behind it for wing vortex as well. Also most airlines around the world can't fill the plane with 500 passengers just to make a profit with it. I really don't think a stretch that is going to add up to 50 more seats or even 100 is going to help the situation. Sorry but the A380Neo isn't a good idea.
I get an undercurrent here from the "arguments" that had Boeing come up with the 380 concept it would be the best thing since sliced bread. Guys, USA doesn't stand for Unitary Supplier of Aircraft!
Muchits 1
That was from an engineering and not a dollars and cents perspective.
joel wiley 0
He did allow that a wing redesign would not be cheap, but didn't pencil it out. I'm not familiar with the initial design decisions to which he refers in that the wing was designed for later larger models. That would seem to be a fairly logical design decision that did not pan out. If they did redesign the wing as he suggested, what would that do to the existing stock. Would there be options other than changing the color of the lipstick?
Totally agree!
Misposted. Apologies


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