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Hartsfield Jackson still on top in pax count

Atlanta still going strong, still on top passenger wise ( 기타...

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IDK about ATL. I had a preacher friend that lived in Iowa. He said that when the trumpet sounded that everybody would go out over ORD.
I was in Valdosta Wednesday on my way back to MO. Bought gas for $2.06. Bought 2 lottery tickets and broke even. It's a lovely town. Guess it must have been a really slow news day to be reporting on KATL. LOL
Is it still true you have to transit ATL after you die?
Doesn't that depend on which way your are going?
Would be an apt into to hell.
Isn't that redundant?
Interesting that in terms of movements 8 out of 10 are US airports but not so on pax numbers. Interested to see KCLT up on the list.


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