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Southwest airlines banned passenger for abuse towards flight crew

A southwest airlines flight attendant along with the NYPD had removed a arrogant and very abusive male passenger from the aircraft as it began it;s push back from the gate on Thursday. The Boeing 737-800 aircraft with 134 pax on board was leaving KJFK for KDFW when the plane was towed back to the gate after this passenger became abusive and violent towards cabin crew and passengers over his seating arrangements. It did not take long for the police and other agencies to board the aircraft and a… ( 기타...

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I didn't know that Southwest flew into DFW. I thought all their's down there were DAL. Incidentally, wrong link. Story won't come up.
BOAC747 3
SWA does fly to DAL and there is a flight operated by them out of DFW but this has ceased since last December. For the comment below I think the person who found the article might have the wrong airport it could be Washington not to sure?? but checked link it was there but being taken down by CNN.COM
A poster below said that they did not fly out of JFK either
Regardless that the link was there or not I hope this teaches these thug passengers a lesson and they get the full force of the law at them
Google Search on "Southwest airlines banned passenger for abuse towards flight crew"
only comes up with a link to this squawk. No other reports online. But then, the source is CNN. Even a search of CNN failed to find it. Pax was not banned, pax was 'disapeared'.
jal6010 2
The comment below matt has nothing to do with this other story try posting it separate and I will give you the thumbs up on it.

The link below I have found out was taken down by CNN.Com as they update there news regularly unless it was worded wrongly this flight originated at DAL and was on the way to KLAS so this is the fault of the media not the person posting it on flight aware. But good on the crew for getting this person off the flight who knows what his next step was. I know we all agree as flightaware members this sort of behavior is not tolerated on any flight or to allow others to harm people. We all should feel free to feel safe in a plane without people like this boarding aircraft
CNN have the in correct info that's why the link has being taken down. On Sept 1 2015 this was squawked but different airport I found this happened at KLAS heading for KLAX
Chris B 1
Pretty sure the story in question was already squawked back on Sept 1.
Well this looks like the article but it would be nice if reporters reported news was probably KLGA to KDAL
proofreading might also be nice. Eg: 'a rest' for 'arrest'

Amen to that...seems too many reporters and journalists are getting lackadaisical these days.
Nothing on that story, but this one is juicy. A pax on a SWA flight died because flight attendant would not use a defibrillator on the pax who had a hairy chest. Absolutely no excuse for that - she/he should be fired!

I hope SWA has their insurance policy up to date.
You might want to launch that as a separate squawk.
jal6010 1
joel cnn have taken it of and deleted the article as it's being wrongly worded. this why this has happened. I manage to contact through there email and got this reply from there editing section.
My apologies the aforementioned incident took place last year. Please strike it.
Southwest does not operate out of JFK.
BOAC747 0
Anyone who plays up on a flight like this should get what comes to them. I am glad they pulled this idiot off the flight.
What BS. Not scary at all. Touched down with a bit of crab on; being tricycle-geared, the aircraft straightened and rolled out normally.
Right pew, wrong church?
More like right team wrong field
The article title does not link to an actual article. Instead, it links to the CNN news page. Very disconcerting!


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