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Video: How to Take Off and Land a DC-3

As with any airplane there are specific techniques to managing the finer points of the critical phases of flight. Historic Flight Foundation's John Sessions got some pointers from Dan Gryder when he picked up his refurbished DC-3 at Sealand Aviation in Campbell River, British Columbia. ( 기타...

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What a beautiful bird. My all-time favorite airplane!!!
nivito1 1
Mine too.
flytdeck 2
Top notch. Great video from a training, technical, and artistic aspect. Shame they had to put down the flaps on approach :-)
Great video and commentary thanks
A Great bird with a LOT of fantastic history.
canuck44 1
They form most of the fixed wing component of the "Lee County Air Force" dedicated to killing mosquitoes before they kill us. They do much of the aerial spraying of the post-larval insects making our lives livable. They fly just above the tree tops often in formation and spray much of our county....we get a good return for our tax dollars from them.
At least some of them are turbine conversions.
This is Lee County in southwest Florida, btw, berthed at the old Buckingham Army Airfield.
chalet 1
Sometime in the summer of 1977 we were staying at a motel in Marathon, FL and early the following morning I thought I heard the distinct sound coming off P&W R-1830s and that they were sort of swooping down, not one but two or three DC-3s. For a moment I thought that I was "hearing things" but no, it was for real and then some of the spray settled on the property. This was a dream as the DC-3 is my favorite airplane since I was barely able to walk all of 14 months of age.
We still have one 3 and one 4 here
chalet 0
What is the N number for the -4
It's a "C" in private hands. Formerly it was Norway House owned by Transair in Winnipeg.
chalet 0
Still flying? what is the C/N number so I can trace its lienage.
chalet 0
Why you should have told me that she is Buffalo Airways´ bird; I must have seen her in any of the numerous NWT Ice Pilot shows which I truly enjoy.
Are you sure about that C/N number Matt? shows as Buffalo Airline's C46 DC4
twhiteca 0
TransAir never had a DC3 or C47 operate in or out of Norway House. They had two proper DC3's in the fleet, the rest were C47's and if memory still works they were CF-TEA and CF-TES. If we had the cnstruction number on this one it would be easier to trace than the registration.
Norway House was the name of the a/c and it was operated by TransAir, b/c I flew on it many times YWG-YRL/YWG
It's my dream to fly DC-3 one day


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