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Incredible Close-Up Footage of A-10 Buzzing A Lucky Man

A lucky individual was buzzed by an A-10, and shot incredible footage during the spectacle ( More...

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zennermd 9
First off, what a treat that must have been!!!! Secondly, I like how the pilot flew off center to the plane and person. Shows good thinking and situational awareness if you ask me.
Ray Dahl 4
I was standing by a deserted highway in central Nevada stretching when two F4s came up behind me in burner at perhaps a hundred feet. They got me good!
ncpilot 2
I was standing on top of a 12 12 pitched tin roof when an F-4 came over me at about 20' in burner. Had to be near the speed of sound since I did not hear it coming from behind me. Odd cold feeling in the air until overhead and then the glorious sound. Had to freeze position to avoid falling.
ncpilot 2
Sorry, meant to say 200'.
Tom Lull 1
Route 50, A little East of Fallon.???
Tom Lull 4
Nice show - however, not too many around who can remember the sound signature of a single R-3350 at full 72" water-injection MAP, on an A-1J Skyraider, carrying it's own weight in ordnance, and the 13.5 foot prop clearing the way. It's primal.
Being a Spad Driver I can relate to your post. VA-196 The Main Battery.
mark960 3
Reminds me of my A-10 experience. My wife and I were motoring our sailboat in the ocean just south of Long Island. No one else in sight. I saw a A-10 coming at us on the deck maybe 20-50' above the water. I don't know what possessed me, but I decided to moon him as he passed by. I guess I got his attention, and he decided to come by and do a couple more passes. He was so close, I could read his name on his helmet. Took me a week to wipe that smile from my face.
Paul Smith 2
Great aircraft, best at its job. But the powers that be want to scrap it.
I know this isn't 100% accurate, but "Dammit, Maverick!"
James Hollich 2
I would entitle this footage "The last thing an enemy sees before the gatling gun lets loose!"
While on the rivers and when transiting along SVN we were tasked to kill the IFF. Fortunately, our guys followed procedure and did visuals. One has more respect for F-4's and P-3's at mast height.
Very, very cool!
Otniel Ocampo 1
Goose pumps all over!!! I fell in love with this bird back in 1998, when Sierra Game Developer made the "Tank Killer Thunderbolt II. No wonder ISIS runs for the bunkers when facing one of these. I would never like to be on the targeting sights of this aircraft!!!
sparkie624 -2
Nice video, but I don't agree with the title.. Everything looked safe and was not really that close. He may be a lucky man, but not because of this A-10
Colin Fisher 9
He's lucky because he got to see the Warthog up close, not because he almost died.
Ruger9X19 5
Saw an A-10, didn't die. #nottheenemy


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