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First flight of an A388 to Mexico City

Arrival to.Mexico City of the first comercial flight of an Airbua 380-800. Air France carrying 536 pax, 17 cabin crew and 3 pilots. ( 기타...

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Replaced the recently retired B744 on this route I am thinking
434 Passengers versus 516 passengers is why the A380 makes business sense (¢ents). Both are based on Air France configurations (Two class on 747, four class on A380).
Awesome video. Typical MMMMX hazy conditions make it perfect.
Now that's what I call a real wetting down party!
Question about the video. It looks like only the inboard engines have the reverse thursters operating. Does the 380 only have reverse on the inboards or is it typically to only use 2 of the 4?
You're actually right, the 380 has thrust reversers on the inboard engines only. Airbus made this decision so as to prevent FOD from accidentally striking the aircraft's wings on reverse thrust (Since they hang out so far) on some runways that are 150ft wide instead of the usal 200). Also, the braking system does a pretty good job to make up for the lack of two more reversers.
Yes only 2 deploy because of have them all deploy they reverse into each destroying the engine instantly causing catistophic k oss up front. R n D took that on and that be the job to have said the painter with a flight sim....
And that may not be the case either.
That was purdy. That's an impressive airplane.
Un hecho histórico para la aviación mexicana.
An historical fact for the mexican aviation.

[This poster has been suspended.]

With what authority do you say that? Yet another Airbus bagging methinks.
He is always doing that!
That is one awesome video well done love it


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