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Emergency escape slide from jumbo jet falls from plane and hits Mesa home

MESA, AZ (KPHO/KTVK) - It's really rare to hear of things falling from airplanes and hitting the ground, but that's what happened to one Mesa homeowner who says an aircraft's emergency slide hit her house. ( 기타...

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This was a "Ferry" flight. No Pax. I have flown several "Ferry" flights in my 30 year career and we always armed the exit doors. In my opinion, the Crew did not arm the exit doors. That locks the exits and slides. Never in my years have I heard of an event like this. In my opinion, the crew failed to do so. Although there might have been a malfunction.
yikes! reminiscent of the good old days of the dc 10 when cargo doors used to blow off in flight and on one occasion, a coffin in the baggage cargo area actually fell into a farmers field..these are true stories from back in the 70's hey day of the then semi jumbo dc10!
I wonder if they turned around or decided to keep going
ok sorry it was on landing..
bbabis 1
It would be interesting to hear what it did to get by the empennage. Could have been a serious control issue if it had hung up or damaged it in some way.
How does an emergency escape slide deploy with the door closed? It it did deploy it should deploy in the cabin.
On the 767 the overwing slides deploy from the exterior of the aircraft.
bbabis 1
Thanks for the info cm. I wonder if, after the deployment and tear away, that inboard spoiler stayed stowed on landing. Not a big issue though. Just curious how the system works.
It looks like the previous fix from Boeing either didn't happen or didn't work. Either way, it's not good to have the emergency slide deploy while in flight.
bbabis 2
Not good indeed! Was this a known issue?
Yes, Boeing issued a repair order a few years ago.
They were just trying to skydive but it kinda failed. Now more serious. Glad nobody was hurt but what caused this slide to fail. Thought they only deployed when the over the wing exit was opened? I'm wondering it it shorted due to old wiring and deployed then the wind ripped it off the plane.
Isn't the slide inside; did someone open the escape window/door? Did the window blow out? New item on the flight inspector checklist to test the pilot's skills?
btweston 1
Interesting that I haven't seen an article about the actual plane rather than some lady's yard. One would think that the networks would have hit the panic button on this one.
The local news covered the aircraft slide hitting the woman's roof and bounced off and landed on the ground. Don't know the damage to her roof but you can expect some type of compensation.
Could have also been a Dallas Stars Charter, as they also use that A/C crewed by Atlas.
"Emergency Slide Esapes"...
AVHerald's take differs from mine:
Exactly, backyard, not roof of home...
Thank you.
Here's a related story about the FAA directive to the airlines;
Unfortunately, you need a subscription to read that.
Andy Pasztor

Updated Dec. 31, 2015 7:34 p.m. ET

Federal aviation regulators are proposing safety fixes for more than 300 Boeing 767 jetliners to prevent the unexpected deployment of emergency escape slides.

The preliminary Federal Aviation Administration directive, which would apply directly only to Boeing 767s operated by U.S. carriers, was prompted by what the agency described as “multiple reports of uncommanded escape slide inflation.” Foreign carriers flying hundreds of other 767s eventually would be expected to comply with the FAA’s final mandate.

The agency apparently doesn’t view the problem as posing an imminent hazard, because it envisions giving some airlines nearly four years to make the fixes.

The FAA’s proposal is unusual because it concerns slides possibly opening during normal operations, not problems with deployment during emergencies.

The agency typically has ordered airlines to address suspect slides because they may have a propensity to deploy improperly or fail to deploy altogether in emergency situations. There have been numerous such mandates over the past 15 years affecting aircraft from Boeing Co. as well as other plane makers.
dondtus 1
The report says that the slide was from N767MW on approach to KPHX.
The emergency wing exit slide on a 767-200 is located outside the cabin in the wing.
No bounce, they don't bounce, no pics of it hitting the Buda statue or the house, interesting. ... hype it's all about hype, a 767-200 is not a jumbo jet, wide body yes, jumbo no. Once they found out the 767 carried a sports team, the $$$ started and she was traumatized , of course she was... too bad for the Dallas Mavericks, and Mark Cubin, and the Atlas crew. Glad the home owner got her 5 min of fame... hope she enjoyed it.
A jumbo jet is a 747, not a 767! Media gets it wrong once again.


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