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B-29 Doc Taxis Under its Own Power!

Wichita, Ks- The B-29 Doc completed its first taxi test under its own power for the first time in 56 years. Doc was rescued from China Lake and within the past few years has made huge milestones. It is only a matter of time before Doc joins FiFi as the worlds only flying B-29s. ( 기타...

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zennermd 7
Way to go Doc. I wish you clear skies and fair winds.
Awesome !!!!!
A pleasure to see a B-29 rolling along and soon to fly. Brought back great memories of my B-29 Detachment with the RCAF at Edmonton. Back in the forties the flight activity was classified.
glang3 3
Very, very cool! This was certainly no small feat!
This is absolutely fantastic. Kudos to all those involved.
Great Job,
Now, lets get a B-36 going overhead

skylab72 1
Sorry, no recoverable B-36 airframes available. A lot fewer built than the 29.
Wonderful. Thanks so much for posting this! Watched, with much appreciation, a B-25 fly out of Santa Barbara yesterday. Great birds! Thanks again.
That is the summation of a lot of work by some very dedicated people. Way to go!
Can't wait to see the high speed taxi test, and then the flight test. Looking forward to seeing Doc in Colorado someday in the near future.
The sound of those engines and the sun reflecting off that aluminum skin have reached upward to all the since passed pilots who flew Doc and all the other B29s.
Looks awesome! Doubt there was a better looking 29 in WW II...thanks and congrats to the Doc Team for a job extremely well done.
What a beautiful plane. And a beautiful sound. Can't wait to see her fly.
THe dedication of those who worked tirelesly to make this to be admired. You honor those who buikt and flew Doc when she helped keep us winners.
If we could get Doc, Fifi, & the KC-97 at the same place we'd have a glorious fly over!
My only regret in life is never having seen a swarm of about 70 in formation. THAT must have been SOME sight. I can only imagine the sense of utter relief our guys on the ground felt to see them overhead, and the sense of utter HORROR the other side must have felt when the knew they were on the way. I hope I'm still here when Doc and Fifi get to go to their 1st Dance.(together).
See Above ...w/both being joined at KPAE by the HFF'S B-25 "GRUMPY
oowmmr 1
Doc, strong and gleaming!! Now ya gonna fly...
It would be GREAT if DOC (when certified for flight) would be able to fly to Seattle/Everett Paine Field (KPAE)& be displayed at the Historical Flight Foundation & fly along side HFF's Mitchell B-25 GRUMPY!!!!!
How 'bout that? Wonderful!!


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