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Dumbest feature on an aircraft ever?

This is a demo video of the new Daher one touch lav deployment on the TBM 950. Awkward. ( 기타...

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Here's a link with a better video of the lav
I'm trying to imagine the physical contortions that would be needed to actually use this thing. It's not for people my size, that's for sure.
And a bargain at $9,900
It's over 9,000!
Id rather carry that weight in fuel or luggage. Or just not carry it at all.
dodger4 0
I'd rather have the toilet, for all the drunks, coffee-drinkers, late runners, pregnant women, people with bladder issues, & people who've got to have their bottle of water the moment they board...they can pack lighter.
You realize this aircraft seats 6 passengers?
and what does this solve that couldn't be accomplished with a heavy curtain?
A curtain doesn't sell spare parts nearly as well as this fancy thing!
kcurran 1
Makeup and hair tuning
LOL! What the hell was the marketing department thinking? Pore women, that's not awkward at all.(sarcasm) Tread carefully Daher...
boughbw 2
It really puts the BM in the TBM...
LOL. What's with the porn music? That is so stupid.
No auto bidet, too?
only in the Japanese market.
Rube Goldberg!
That is going to be a Maintenance Nightmare... I hope the airlines don't pick it up... I do not want to work with maintaining it...
It looks more like a vanity, unless the seat the demonstrator was sitting on as the more significant functionality. The wall only seems to block forward view. A bit intimate for a 737-800 I'd think.
i was looking as some smaller jet aircraft, and the lav serves as a seat, and is covered to hide the "toilet seat"
Excuse me, Marmol. Can you switch me seats for just a minute? I really need to get rid of some coffee.

Yea, that's not awkward!
Yet another example of the maxim: Just because you can do something does not not make it a good idea.
mnyakko 2
Imagine...more moving parts means more chance of failure. Being on a plane where the wall does not deploy means no lav for that (and possibly the next) flight.

And God help the people sitting near that thing when someone leaves a package with extra smell...and then drops the wall. No longer worried about the silent farter in the seat next to me. Just don't want to be sitting within several rows of that thing.
With this installed the aircraft is reduced to just 4 seats. Good luck.
"You were so busy wondering if you could, you didn't stop to think if you should."
life, uh, finds a way
Gee, there's nothing that could go wrong with that!
bbabis 2
In case of power failure after deployment is there a manual crank or do you just put your heel through it?
don't need the heel. you just walk around it
I see a promotion to a vice president of something for whoever came up with this.
chalet 1
And the plane costs just under $ 8 million. Hell. Fly commercial and going to the toilet is not going to be an anguish filled experience.
Lol that's funny
kcurran 1
Well I'll swim against the tide. It looks like a clever solution for "a rare moment" bathroom for TBM/light jet class of aircraft. I'd like to know price and weight. In general, A/C are purchased by guys, married guys and getting the women to go along with the purchase is part of the picture. This lav will appeal to women versus many other options in this class of aircraft, including NO LAV - which is a deal killer.
Seems to me that a much simpler solution (to save fuel and space) would have simply been a curtain rod and a curtain!! Again, this is a "rare moment" lav as kcurran put it.
Where would one put this in an Avenger, anyway?
I can only imagine that there would be hydraulics used on this!!! It said that it was powered by 2 motors For all the folding and expanding done it would have to be hydraulics!!! If it was my plane and I had the money to put it in there I would buy it!!!
Too light for hydraulics.. It will all be electric driven servos.. but it is going to be a nightmare when it brakes and very expensive.
This is for the TBM 900 and 930. There is no 950. It's a six place aircraft, not an airliner, not a 737. Costs around $4 million not 8. The lavatory weighs 90 pounds and replaces the two rear seats. A quick, 30 minute configuration change. The plane can stay in the air for 7 plus hours at long range cruise so having a lav while flying 4 people is pretty convenient actually.
Available online and the Made for TV section of your local Walmart. $19.95 and if you purchase it today we will include our brand new battery powered "Camper Crapper" it fits easily in the backseat of your Toyota Prius.
Someone please summon Mr. Hartmann as an aircraft toilet is where most of his crap belongs.
Hey now. The phrase "don't fee the trolls" comes to mind. As much as I agree with your statement, I'd rather let sleeping dogs lie.
I agree. Added cost and weight for this contraption is unexplainable.
There is no added weight. It replaces the two rear seats. Some people might find it convenient on a 6 hour flight.
bbabis -1
What are the memory items for biffy privacy deployment failure? Leave it to the French.


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