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FlightAware and Aireon Announce Global Space-Based ADS-B Flight Tracking

FlightAware and Aireon are proud to announce the world's first and only global, space-based ADS-B flight tracking solution. FlightAware's technology and Aireon's 66 ADS-B receivers in low earth orbit will forever change the world of flight tracking and flight safety. ( 기타...

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Congratulations on extending the coverage.
Dubslow 4
Wow, that sure brings some perspective to what the AMOS 6 explosion has delayed. I can tell now that you're hoping possibly more than the rest of us that SpaceX is able to find the cause of the "anomaly".
Another excellent accomplishment fro Nav Canada!! Good show!
Congratulations! This is truly revolutionary for the aviation industry.
Great news!!!I suppose this will enhance the common everyday tracking we all use to check on our family flights. I use FlightAware tracking constantly since so many of my large family is always going somewhere...Congrats.
You can be proud for extending the. Coverage!
Excellent news. With friends in Europe and frequent visits it's good to know we can track them over the polar route. Don't have any friends in southern hemisphere but that is an area long in need of improved tracking.
Does this spell the end of member feeds to the system?
No way! FlightAware’s ground-based ADS-B network will remain an extremely vital part of our flight tracking solutions and we will continue to actively develop and grow both the software and the network. There are lots of things we intend to do solely with the ground-based network, like MLAT, surface movement, etc. FlightAware expects to have over 10,000 ADS-B ground stations online by the end of 2016 and over 17,500 by the end of 2017!

To ensure that we continue to grow the world’s largest terrestrial ADS-B network of free and low-cost access to ADS-B data, we are actually increasing our production of FlightFeeders and our development of PiAware software. On a related note, you can expect a new PiAware-related hardware announcement next month!
I currently feed flightradar24 and would like to also feed FlightAware. Is there a way to do that using just one receiver?
Definitely. What kind of receiver do you have? shows how to do it from a Pi, RadarCape, or PlanePlotter.
It's a flightradar24 supplied system.
Unfortunately, I'm not sure that's supported -- you could either build a PiAware or request a FlightFeeder from us, both of which are available on that link above.
Yeah, I didn't think it would be possible, given that the first octet of the MAC is 00. And while I'd like to provide a feed, there's a limit to how many antennas I can put up. I'm a ham, so there's plenty of antennas here, and I'm about out of mounting locations for a new one. I also imagine you've also got plenty of coverage of this area (Fredericksburg, VA) already, so I'd have to buy the FlightFeeder system and the budget here is tight since I retired. Maybe in the future though.
Per Molund -2
In that case You have signed an agreement with FR24 not to feed an competitor with data.
Not that I'm aware of. The agreement I agreed to only stipulated location, maximum down time, internet connection, etc. No prohibition about feeding any additional sites.
Well, in that case their policy has changed, back in 2013 they stated in the installation guide 'The ADS-B Receiver Pack from' page 4 under 'Our Agreement'; "By accepting our equipment you agree NOT to feed data to other aircraft tracking providers." I find that quite understandable as long they provide You with 800 dollar of equipment without charging anything. You get an free Premium account at FR24 in return for hosing their equipment.


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