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Passengers From O'Hare Uncontained Engine Fire File Lawsuit

Eighteen passengers have filed a lawsuit against Boeing and American Airlines after the airplane they were on caught fire last month on the tarmac of O'Hare International Airport when part of an engine failed. The passengers also claim American Airlines employees should have done a better job inspecting the plane, and that they failed to provide "assistance, supervision and instruction" during evacuation. ( 기타...

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This is so disappointing, no one can be content anymore, everyone walked away with their lives. Although this will probably never make it to court, they will all probably receive something when the airline and others realize it's cheaper to give them something and settle outside of court, which is why lawsuits keep getting filed.
totally agree about walking away with your life and limbs mostly intact... is that not reward in itself?
Yes it is.
Sadly, the passengers suing are opportunists. It seems to be a disease in the U.S. I was on a plane once that had a malfunctioning landing gear. We landed on the belly. I survived. I was so grateful that I think I would've slept with the pilot had he asked.
Actually, I was the pilot of that flight... ha, ha
honza nl 7
I would order Boeing and AA to pay them $0.01
And make sure the attorneys also only get 1 cent.
Neither of them were the mfr of the engines..........
Boeing has nothing to do with the engines with the exception of putting them on the bird! So THEM paying anything is just ridiculous.
I'm sure the flight attendants did what they are trained to do by leading the passengers to the evacuation slides. Maybe those eighteen passengers doing he suing, would rather this happened after take off. GET OVER IT FOLKS. So many people these days are looking for some easy money. There were no fatalities....isn't that enough???
The faa should counter sue for the pax taking their bags. But seriously, do these people think aal wants to have their plane malfunction? Crew did not do their job properly? You guys made it out no one died, i say that was a job well done but the pax did a poor job of not listening to instructions
Interfering with the flight crew doing their duties is a chargable offense. Hauling your luggage out despite air crew instructions to the contrary should be considered in that vein.
Geez! You can sue anyone for any reason, or perhaps no real reason, these days.
62 million people just elected a moron that has filed over 3000 such lawsuits, so yes it appears people approve!!!
You could always sue anyone for any reason, or perhaps no real reason at all since forever.

It doesn't mean you have any chance of winning.

It appears the people suing were hospitalized. If AA didn't cover that, I would sue too.

The story is very short on details.
canuck44 5
We so need loser pay.
Did the Philadelphia lawyers fly to Chicago on American?
Nah, United flew them there fee gratis.
Netjets for the worker bees, own jets for the partners.
Probably wasn't even the engine the aircraft was delivered with? Guess these stupid passengers think safety cards are there for seat back filler! Kudo's to the crew.....back end and front end.
The tickets should also include disclaimer: By purchase of this ticket you agree that enter our plane on your own will and any claims against unforeseen incidents will be denied.
Chas, I fully agree with you. I was in a similar case during takeoff 5/21/88 on AA70 at DFW on our way to Frankfurt. The DC10 aborted takeoff and went past the runway to get stuck in the mud. Wheels were on fire. The takeoff was aborted because there was an indicator indicating that the slats were in the wrong position. We all got out ok thanks to the great job the cabin crew did. The DC10 was totaled because the whole fuselage was bent.
I wrote a letter of gratitude to AAL, because I wanted them to know what a great job the crew did and in anticipation of lawsuits being filed to give AAL some defense from a passenger who was actually involved.
Chances are good the ambulance chasers contacted the passengers and said "Oh you poor inconvenienced people, you NEED money!" And 18 of them had $$ dancing in their head. So sad.
Hopefully they are awarded NOTHING and the over litigious Attorneys representing them are out a ton of $............
They all should be grateful to be alive. Things could have turned out much differently. Opportunity to attempt a money grab for them and attorneys.
Some people are so dumb....
Gary J 1
What is it with Americans and suing.
Suing is the only way to keep corporate America honest.
Or a horde of lawyers employed and not running for office.
Dubslow 1
The last claim is the most ridiculous. Also did they remember to include the engine manufacturer who is rather more liable than Boeing?
"The suit filed Monday in Cook County Circuit Court also names as a defendant General Electric Aviation, claiming it sold a faulty engine that Boeing used to assemble an unsafe 767 aircraft."
Remind me how many GE engines of this type and model are on Boeing jets?
Literally thousands and similar models on A330s and 747s
So it's a fluke then
There were 7 engines identified by GE with this disk (aloy) issue. The last one was found and has since been removed. We should be good now.
I would say that if this event had happened minutes later everyone aboard would be dead
Probably not. Amongst other things, the airflow would have helped to keep the fire away from the airframe.
any of those pax take their luggage off during evacuation....???? sue them back!
It seems like only in America can an airplane safely evacuated after an incident like this with what were minor "injuries" and lawsuits are filed. I guess some Chicago area ambulance chasers wanted new Mercedes' for 2017.
What would be nice if all airlines would now refuse to allow them to fly.
These type of people should take a mandatory class on how to be a passenger. "FLYING 101"! On this flight, like so many others there is no guarantee a malfunction will or will not happen. Like so many have said. They walked away with their lives...and they are not grateful for that? No... greed comes into play. This is just unfathomable to me. The cabin crew went into emergency mode and did what they were trained to do as did the Cockpit crew. Unbelievable!
How about "PASSENGER 101A" with a prerequisite of "RESPONSIBLE ADULT 1B"?
I find it interesting that apparently even the lawyers don't realize that Boeing has nothing to do with the engines. That would be P & W, GE or RR.
Tort law.
Everyone involved is liable. If a bystander is hit by an errant bullet that ricochetted off your car parked on the street, you can be sued because you negligently parked your car there. You can, in turn, sue the shooter. Just think of the billable hours this generates
We are a litigious society, which comes with costs not seen very easily. But they are there.
Nice move ambulance chancing lawyers....
There should be two designated emergency exits for an event like this. Exit 1 has a nice inflatable slide with highly trained flight personnel and Exit 2 is an open door, no slide and no aircraft personnel. "In the event of an emergency those passengers planning on suing for every piddling, whiny ungrateful detail please use Exit 2." At least after falling face first out of an airliner door you pissants will have something to show the jury to generate sympathy. Have a nice flight and thank you for flying Litigation Airways!"
tuba 2
"And Exit 2 passengers, please bring your luggage and hold it to your chest, to cushion your fall."
Folks, grow up!
Get a job and go to work for a living. Get an education and move out of mom's basement. You will be so proud of yourself when you can earn your own livelihood.
Many very intelligent and adventurous people have devoted time and money just to ensure safe, reliable, comfortable transportation, just for you.
If anyone really thinks everything is flawless, and there are no dangers in life - you better pack a lunch and get out on the protest/riot squads in all our major cities because THAT is your IQ group.
Be thankful for the investors and visionary's (like Bill Boeing) the designers, builders, mechanics, pilots, crash rescue ...
Many people labored to provide the best flight possible. Many people labored to save your life, when things did go wrong - at a risk to their own safety and lives.
While you are looking for quick cash, you may pause momentarily and offer a gesture of gratitude for those souls that returned you safely to your destination.
Nice post, well said.
Problem is that airlines and aircraft companies are businesses and given the nature of business they wouldn't spend a dime on safety without somebody like the FAA holding their feet to the fire. The FAA, for all the good work they do, is still a bureaucracy, and job one at any bureaucracy is to keep the bureaucracy going, so someone needs to hold their feet to the fire to make sure they are doing their job. Apparently we don't know everything there is to know about jet engines, otherwise this engine wouldn't have failed. So maybe this lawsuit will prompt someone to dig a little deeper and we might learn something new about jet engines.
Goodnees Chuck! What a cynical view. My company, who employs some 36 000 people worldwide, has the primary core value of safety. We are committed to Zero Harm across all our facilities and activities for employees, contractors, and suppliers. It is a solid and beneficial business practice that adds value and continually improves the company. Many companies have such approaches. Perhaps a more disciplined review of corporate safety practices might help create a more informed perspective.
Goodness Jeff, because we have NEVER seen any companies putting profits over people.... ever!!!

Perhaps a more realistic view of the world would be more beneficial in the aggregate.
Goodness Randy! Please explain how "we have NEVER seen", extrapolates to World Wide Aircraft Quality and Flight Safety.

Somewhere in this thread, there is a mention of a "moron". We should up that 62M number to include posters with flawed logic.
So how we're the plaintiffs damaged?
Mental anguish most likely.
Yea. Missed their Margarita Happy Hour & viewing bikini's @ 5 pm that afternoon.
Its not being greedy, its just being AMERICAN! Johnny Cash's song 'A Boy Named Sue' must be stuck in their heads!
I suggest the Eagles song from their Hell Freezes Over album 'Get Over It' should be playing theough a pillow speaker while they are sleeping!😂


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