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Thanks for Making ATC Great Again!

Fun little exchange between ATC and N757AF upon the Trump plane's departure (guessing from JFK?) ( 기타...

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canuck44 11
Air Force One is going to be a downgrade from this aircraft.
If gold plated bathroom fixtures are your thing, anyway...
canuck44 5
Minor detail, but what is there not to like about a 75 that he has put in mint condition and upgraded everything up front. Looking back to the election that plane was a contributing factor in his campaign as he was hitting up to five airports per day, speaking in hangers to huge crowds and flying to the next venue. Often the back drop was "Trump Force One". It would have been hard to do using a 74.

Here is a video detailing the more important parts of the plane.
zippy23 4
Just like some guy did back in the early 1930's. Ha!!! So awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you aren't familiar with, you should go check them out. Some of those voices may sound familiar ;)
hahaha! ATC Memes Strikes Again! Good job guys
Sort of old school. If I were to win the mega gazzilion lottery, I'd like to refurbish a DC-3, paint it in the colors of a CBI C-47 unit (my late Father served w/the Navy behind Japanese lines on Mainland China-see the Sino American Cooperative Organization-SACO). Then paint a non-PC Indian Female w/headdress -Cherokee Squaw on one side & a semi nude female w/the inscription "Milk Run" on the other
DC-3... Please let me congratulate you for your fine taste. She was a good airplane, but on the other hand, I presume that nowadays you'll have troubles to find spareparts...
Here in Brazil people were making fun of formers President's plane (a nice Boeing 707), calling it "garbage can". But when the Federal government purchased a new Aribus 319... Just the same people went nuts saying that its price is very expensive.
You see, my dear friend, it's not this simple when you are President. Have a great weekend.
Jd Young 6
Sounds fake. The delta pilot and 57af pilot sound a lot alike.
I'm thinking so:
DAL 465 flew JFK-STT on 10NOV16 (the date shown on the YouTube description). ( Neither has a runway 23.
SWA 235 flew DTW-ATL-BOS on 10NOV 16. None of these has a runway 23, either. And it wasn't in the same place as DAL 465.

Maybe I'm missing something, but something isn't adding up.
Welcome to the Alt-News network
Areed. But the meme itself is well done.
Not much surprise. Seems emblematic to me.
Fixtures in Air Force 1 are worth many times over what ever is there in Trump's 757 !
And even if one desires a 757 will have no space or technical feasibility to accommodate what ever Air Force 1 has !
Am I wrong ? Hope not !
You are most certainly right!
A common saying - If you got it flaunt it .
How about boys with toys ?
12 year old boys. There, fixed it for you.
Boys will be boys. And so will a lot of middle-aged men.
Trump parks his bird at LGA
acmi 4
not anymore since he dumped his 727 the 75 lives at KEWR i see it all the time there.
Chris B 2
He wont be able to take his pilots with him. So what are they going to do?
canuck44 4
They will fly the kids and Melania around...they will be running the empire and she is commuting to DC from NY. He has to take all the gadgets with him so won't be able to use the 75. Remember they have a Citation X and two Sikorsky S-76B helos.


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